“Today, let us swim wildly, joyously in gratitude.” ~Rumi

2020 brings a different way of living and being. Most of this content I wrote in September 2019. I’m sick and I’m grateful for a partner who is here to help me. It began Tuesday and hit hard Wednesday. I’m grateful that I still have taste and smell. Hopefully I just have an ugly case of the flu. Just to be careful I’m being tested for COVID-19 tonight. I won’t go over the details though. Will keep you posted, however.

We don’t go out often and when we do we wear masks. Mostly we’re home!It serves as a reminder to BE in each and every moment in gratitude. It doesn’t matter if one moment is challenging I’m reminded that the next one can be different. It’s a choice and one that is mine to make. Sometimes in a moment of challenge it is often difficult to see another way. 

As I imagine swimming wildly and joyously in gratitude I close my eyes and allow myself to “feel” a greater sense of joy and freedom – a greater sense of peace. Yes, I even imagine a big smile on my face and a lightness in my heart. This has been a particularly challenging week for me personally –  loving, supporting, and being present for a loved one who was in the hospital. While there I experienced a full range of emotions that included love, impatience, fear, helplessness, hope, and gratitude to name a few. To be honest, I haven’t quite reached this state. Seems like all I do is sleep!

When my husband was in the hospital two years ago it was a time of surrender; trusting others to do their part; and knowing and accepting what was mine to do. I developed a greater respect for caregivers and learned to practice better self-care. I realize that in order to support and help someone else I have to be the best I can be. It’s too easy to deny this. 

I’ve talked to others who have experienced similar situations with loved ones recently they agree that there is a balance that’s needed. Once you become depleted helping someone else is difficult. This means checking in periodically to see how all of your bodies – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual are reacting and responding. It’s not helpful if you move into martyrdom or become a victim, right?

Although I’m trained in a variety of energy healing practices and especially working with the Messengers of Light I realize that these practices are complementary to traditional practices. They can work side by side and together. The real healer is the individual patient and their willingness to receive healing.

Please be mindful of how you celebrate Thanksgiving! It’s our greatest time to have family gather together. Not this year. We value each one of them too much.

I love hearing from you and appreciate your feedback. Have an amazing, creative and safe Thanksgiving!

Please note that, for now, my Zoom channeling sessions with Luminus and the Messengers of Light are on hold until I feel better. If you’re receiving recordings please register at victoriabarna.com.