THOUGHTS MATTER, WORDS MATTER,  AND ACTIONS MATTER! This has been a very emotional week for many people including me. I feel like I’ve experienced a wide range of emotions that go from being happy to being  disillusioned and then shocked by such hate and violence. With mid-term elections coming Tuesday, November 6th, it seems the frenzy continues to escalate! It’s so easy to get caught up in the frenzy, isn’t it? I’ve asked myself every day, “What’s mine to do? How do I feel about what’s going on? How do I remain hopeful in spite of all of the misdirection and untruths? How can I still make a difference with integrity and love?”

That’s a lot to work through isn’t it? I would love to hear from you to see how you are handling it all. The way I’m dealing with it is to continue my daily practice of what’s worked for me for many years. Before I get out of bed I offer my gratitude for being alive, healthy, this Earth, my freedom to choose, and for my family and friends. Yep, I really do. Then I set my intention to make a difference in someone’s life that day! I never know how that will happen. Sometimes it comes by working with my clients in person or over the phone and sometimes it’s totally unexpected like being kind to a stranger. It really varies. 

Next I envision a world filled with peace, acceptance, compassion, love, beauty, and so much more! I hold a greater vision than is taking place in the moment! This ritual, so to speak, starts my day. Later I check in with my unseen friends and High Self for guidance and healing, if appropriate, for me and others. I find that this approach works for me. What’s your approach? 

When I find myself shaking my head and feeling “down” I take a few deep breaths as I’ve mentioned in the past, quiet my thoughts, and open to receive love – love from the Earth, love from God/Goddess/All That Is, and love from me! I feel better and more optimistic when I take time to do this exercise. It’s amazing and I feel hopeful again!

Holding a greater vision is mine and yours to create. Our vision maybe different but holding a greater vision is something each one of us can do without limitation. Use your imagination and intentions. Remember, we create our own reality! I realize that it may take time for change to happen but don’t give up!

THOUGHTS MATTER, WORDS MATTER,  AND ACTIONS MATTER! What greater vision do you choose to hold? How do your thoughts, words and actions support your vision? You matter! You have an opportunity this Tuesday, November 6th! Make a choice that supports your vision by voting!You make a difference!

If you would like to contact me please go to I am also at Storm Wisdom on Tuesdays from 1p – 6p and I’m available by appointment by phone. Gisela and I are also offering an evening of Healing with the Messengers of Light, Tuesday, November 13th, from 6:30p – 8:30p at Storm Wisdom. Seating is limited.