“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change.” HRH the Buddha

When was the last time someone said to you, “Take time to smell the roses?” Time, is it an illusion or is it real? Perhaps it’s both! I am amazed at how quickly time seems to be passing. Has it felt like that for you too? I recognize its passing with memorable moments. For example, this year I will be married 36 years! Wow, so many experiences and emotions jam packed into these years! I can’t believe it. I see my youngest grandchild walking, running, joyful, excited, learning new words and yet I remember when she was born. It seems like yesterday. So many rapid changes. We see it in relationships, personal growth, where we live; and our tastes in clothing and food! Of course there’s more, isn’t there? Our children grow up. Partners can change. Hairstyles change. Politics change. Beliefs change. Our world view changes. Many other things change as well.

If only we made time to reflect on the miracle of a single flower when change becomes overwhelming. Imagine the flower as it begins as a seed nourished by the soil, water, and sunshine. Imagine it sprouting and showing itself above ground. Imagine the stalk, leaves, bud and then spreading its wings, so to speak, and opening to its full beauty. Imagine this is how your new creativity and ideas begin within your own inner garden. Wow! So much changes and it can happen quickly. The Buddha has also said “Nothing is permanent. Everything is subject to change. Being is always becoming.” Isn’t the beautiful flower a great example of becoming more? Isn’t your own inner garden another great example as you reflect on the seeds that have been planted, grown, and flourished. Yes, many of these seeds have grown quickly and others remain dormant requiring more nourishment. There are also some seeds that you’ve planted and it’s now time to let go of them. Make room for more beautiful growth!

So I say to you “Hold on to your hats!” Things are changing faster than ever. Are you ready? What examples in your life are great reminders of how quickly you and everything around you is changing? Do you find it different now? I’ve been reflecting

and re-prioritizing what’s important and what isn’t any longer. Maybe it’s the time of life or maybe I finally realize how much more valuable it is to become more authentic, accepting, kind, forgiving, loving, and compassionate instead of acquiring more stuff!! Maybe I’ve learned to value more intimate relationships. Maybe it’s because I finally recognize that the only way things change is first to change myself. And believe me, that process can be fast or take a long time. The Buddha has also said “Change is never painful. Only the resistance to change is painful.” Hmm. I can relate. How about you?

What will it take to become the best version of yourself? Everything about you is subject to change. What would you like to change and are you ready and willing to do it? It’s up to each one of us to decide. Hold on to your hats! Will it be fast or slow? Will it be with acceptance or resistance? Wow! It really is up to us isn’t it? No one can do it for us. I know that when I let go of resisting things happen a lot easier. What’s your experience?

I hope your week is filled with peace and love. I hope your inner garden flourishes. I hope you navigate the ups and downs of this week with more acceptance and less resistance. I hope that you see the beauty, miracle, and magic of a single flower. I’m holding space for you and sending lots of love!

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