Have you ever found yourself creating an intention to “hold space” for someone? It could be a family member, friend, friend of a friend, sick pet, or someone you don’t even know except that you sense or may have been told about their need for support. I have told someone, “I’m holding space for you.” During the group healing evenings with the Messengers of Light I “hold space” for the group. During group meditations that I facilitate I also “hold space” for the participants. So, I’ve been reflecting on what “holding space” means to me this week. Have you used this intention or ever wondered about what it means to you?

Hmmm. What I’ve found, for me, is that I generally use the intention to “hold space” when I’m creating a healing space for someone or a group. You might use it differently. What I find interesting is that I recognize I use it in situations when I personally have no control of the outcome. Yes, I realize that the only control I have are the choices I make and how I respond to others’ choices. Control is a figment of my imagination! LOL Through the years I’ve been able to release old beliefs around control and I know that many of you have too.

I also realize that healing is up to the receiver of the healing. It requires an openness to receive and willingness to integrate the healing by each individual. There are many reasons why people choose not to heal and it isn’t always a conscious choice. It’s taken a long time for me to embrace this. Each person’s soul journey is individual and unique.

Although I know that everyone’s journey is their own I believe there is power in the intention of “holding space” for them – holding a healing space that is supportive of what choice they might make to accept healing or help. It is an energetic space that sensitives may feel or notice once created. I create the space with love and ask that there is an openness to receive what’s in the highest and best for the individual or group. Then I let go of the outcome.

As a healer what I find most challenging is “holding space” for loved ones. Truthfully, I catch myself having to consciously let go of outcomes because I’m so emotionally invested. That’s when my buddy “control” shows up and I have to take some deep breaths, center myself, ask my High Self for help to let go of my desire/need to control, and then I chuckle. Whew!! It does happen less and less but it’s not totally gone. How about you and your relationship with control?

Once I feel more centered and clear I create my intention to “hold space” for my loved one and I ask their High Self to work with them to receive what’s in their highest and best. Then trust! What does “holding space” mean to you?

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