cosmicPuzzleI am shockingly human! In many ways creating and living a fulfilling life comes easily to me. At other times I struggle with mundane upsets and challenges. Turning them into major obstacles that I tend to chew on for a while!

Then I remember that these obstacles are all part of having the full life experience we are meant have.

We are not here (on planet Earth) to be perfect. We are here to be perfectly imperfect. There is no time or place that we suddenly reach, where we are in a fully enlightened state and our emotions are all bliss and ecstasy.

That is a fallacy. It is a beautiful aspiration and I believe it is worth it to get close. Yet it is like “Unconditional Love”. We aspire to not only give and receive unconditionally , but it is almost impossible to achieve because we are human! We only reach Nirvana once we give up our physical form!

We are wired with beliefs and biases that filter everything we experience. Every relationship, opportunity, and/or situation is experienced via the unique lenses through which we view the world. Our emotions are real and we create them for a reason. They are the energy source that fuels our expansion and growth.

I have spent to much time and energy trying to change my emotions. To make them something they are not. To contain, limit or control those that are uncomfortable. When instead it would have been much more effective to experience them as the rich resource that they are. Even when they feel heavy or make me feel vulnerable. Dread, anger, sorrow, fear, hopelessness, etc.

No one wants to spend a lot of time hanging out in these emotions. I don’t want to anyway. But being willing to experience or be with them when they are naturally present is very different than trying to pretend they are not real. Or pretending there is no impact.

It is specifically by trying to cover them up or diminishing them, that they get stuffed somewhere within our energetic field. If we hold on to them long enough, we create physical blockages in our bodies that eventually get our attention through illness, dis-ease or discomfort (such a joint pain, headaches, sore back, etc).

intentionallivingInstead, let’s begin to embrace our emotions as being part of our unique signature. The energy that we project out into the world to share with others.

We are each unique and have created our own emotional feedback loops that continually move us down the path of self-awareness. They help us remember who we are and why we are here. And hopefully remind us that we all bring something unique to the table. No one else will ever see and experience the world around us in exactly the same way that we do.

Sure we have shared or common experiences that help us relate to one another. Even creating connections and bonds. Yet underneath the surface of those shared experiences, we each integrate and shift from them in very unique ways.

By knowing and embracing more of our uniqueness, we find our interconnectedness. We begin to fill in the blanks. We know our individuality in a new way. Instead of feeling separate or alone, we know the truth of our belonging. We feel our connection to everything around us. To All-That-Is. Then we recognize that we are a piece of the cosmic puzzle. Without our unique contribution, the future that is evolving is incomplete… or doesn’t quite fit together as easily as it could.

It’s time to embrace our uniqueness.

With Light, Love, and Laughter

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