For me the Summer Solstice is the start of an important growing season.  The longest day represents our opportunity to ensure that the seeds and sprouts we planted have the greatest opportunity to feel rooted and strong.  Then they are passed for a new type of tending.  From championing and coaxing them to watering, fertilizing, and nurturing them.  There are rich traditions, rituals, and celebrations that honor Solstice every year.

I shared my process for celebrating this years Solstice on Facebook this past week.  But I wanted to share it here as well.  I love simple and easy ways to harness unique energies.  I hope you find this helpful.  BTW… if you do this, come back in a couple of weeks and let me know your thoughts!


This year’s Solstice is only a few days away.  Like other times of shifts or transformation, now is a great time to start to integrate the energy that is available during the longest day of the year.  For me there are several things that come to mind and that I want to focus on.

  • Alignment (or realignment) with the energies of expansion and growth that not only the Solstice ushers in, but summer does as well.
  • Movement or more specifically forward momentum.
  • Grace which for me means integrating these new energies with ease and elegance.

As I am a crystal lover, let me share with you a simple way to work with 3 crystals to provide focus and support for you as you move through this Solstice and whatever it means for you.

  1. Think about a current routine that you do daily. Examples include your favorite spot for morning coffee (my choice), where you do your work such as your office, or where you prep meals. You could even choose where you sleep or the bathroom where you do your daily self-care routine.
  2. Select a small bowl, saucer, shell, or even a coaster, that when placed in the designated location won’t obstruct or be in the way.
  3. Select 3 crystals and place them in your container.  As you are placing them, think about what each one represents for you.  If alignment, movement, and grace from above resonates, use those to set your intention and have each crystal be the talisman for those energies.
  4. As you’re putting the crystals in the dish and then placing the dish is your chosen spot.., think about any details you might want to add to your intention.  Maybe alignment means creating balance in your live, or movement means migrating to a new job, etc.  Simply add your positive thoughts to your mini-solstice altar.
  5. Leave it there for the next week or two and you’re done.

Crystals all have their own unique properties based on their internal structure, color, formation, shape, origin, and more.  So I want to share the three I will be working with and why.  You can use these or any crystals that intuitively feel right for you.  I’m choosing:

  • Citrine – one of the ways it supports us is as we become clear and aligned, it supports the natural realignment of the universal energies around us. Look for synchronicities and coincidences that align with what you intend and envision.
  • Aragonite Star Cluster – chips away old beliefs or limiting thoughts allowing movement toward anything new we are creating.
  • Black Tourmaline with Red Jasper (Spiderman Jasper) – for its ability to help us navigate and traverse our personal journeys with ease and grace.

I recommend placing them in a spot where you will see them daily so that even when you are not paying any attention to them, your subconscious mind remembers.  It triggers an awareness about what your intentions are and what you hope to experience during this time.  Our subconscious mind and these talisman crystals are potent allies.

If this simple way to work with crystals resonates with you, consider using it for New Years, birthdays, or any other special occasion you might have coming up.

Next time we see one another, may we recognize and celebrate the new alignment, movement and grace in each other!