I’m often asked, “How did you learn to channel?” Others have said, “I would love to learn how to channel!” I’ve been thinking about their comments and would like to share a few thoughts regarding channeling this week. I will use my own experience as an example and encourage anyone who is interested to explore channeling.

What is channeling? Annie Bossingham has said that, “Channeling is the process of receiving information or inspiration from realms beyond our physical reality. The source is not as important as the essence of what is brought through to this reality.” Does this make sense? This explanation works for me. Does it mean as a channel you are possessed or taken over by an entity? Absolutely not! Some channels relay information. Others are semi-conscious and vocalize the beings or levels of consciousness. And still others can be unconscious as they channel.

I have been channeling for many years and some of you have been too! I relay information at times and have evolved to being a Trance Channel who vocalizes the beings and consciousness that I channel. I’ve been Trance Channeling almost 4 years now.

In the beginning of my channeling journey I didn’t take classes. I didn’t really know what channeling was. Looking back I realize that my experience of channeling began as I meditated. During these times my thoughts would quiet and a beautiful feeling of inner peace occurred. There were times, and still are, that I feel a huge wave of unconditional love that brings tears to my eyes. At times it’s overwhelming and I feel such gratitude!

Later, after meditating when my thoughts were quiet I would journal and then I found myself doing “automatic writing”. This resulted in writing poetry and books. No one was more surprised than me. I was stunned to say the least! I also noticed that when I was with someone I would share insights that I didn’t really consciously think about. It was like the information came from somewhere else and just flowed. Have you experienced this? I’ve since learned that this was a form of what is called relay channeling. I recommend that you don’t share insights with someone who hasn’t given you permission to share. These experiences continued for about 14 years.

Wow! During this time I became more conscious of my choices and journey! Practice, shedding old beliefs, opening to new possibilities, exploring new methods of subtle energy healing, meditating and writing continued. I was invited to work with clients and offer energy healing and intuitive coaching sessions. I was excited, nervous, honored and grateful to be of service in this way. My journey continued to evolve like many of you and your journeys! It seemed that whenever I was ready for more personal growth a new program, class or opportunity would present itself. Then I could consciously choose to move forward and say yes or no!

I became a Trance Channel almost 4 years ago who vocalizes the beings and consciousness when Annie Bossingham offered a class called “The Artistry of Channeling”. I’ve mentioned her before and through this program new doors and levels of connection have opened for me. I found that practice, “being willing to play the fool” and committed to developing more intimate relationships with the beings to co-create healing and shared information has served me well. My healing practice has also deepened through blending with the Messengers of Light. Through the journey of becoming a Trance Channel I realize that channeling is part of my chosen destiny! I’m grateful.

For those of you who are interested in exploring channeling I encourage you to follow your dreams! Whether you decide to vocal channel for others or not doesn’t matter. What you personally get from it in terms of your own growth and awareness is invaluable!

Remember, everyone’s journey is individual and unique. Mine most likely will be different than yours! Follow your dreams, be curious, explore, and have fun!!

Please join Gisela and me on Tuesday, March 12, 2019, at Storm Wisdom from 6:30 – 8:30p as we blend with and offer healing with the loving Messengers of Light.