Hi everyone! I’m sure that many of you have heard that our beloved Charles is back from his adventure!! I’m very happy for him and can’t wait to hear about his wonderful experiences and see what insights he shares. Welcome back Charles!!

So, this is my last Storm Wisdom Newsletter for now! I’m grateful to each one of you! Thank you for your love, feedback and support over the last three months. I’m grateful to Charles for trusting me to “fill in” for him, so to speak, although we all know that no one can take his place! LOL

As I wondered what I would write about it seemed so fitting to write about gratitude. Not only am I grateful for Charles’ trust I’m also grateful for the opportunity to begin writing again. Some of you know that I’ve written a number of channeled books, co-created with Michelle Radomski Mandela coloring books, and co-created a Numerology workbook with Gisela Arenas along with some meditation CDS. Those of you who create art, music, books, or other things may understand when I say that I haven’t felt inspired to write for some time. I’ve been on an amazing “inward” journey of meeting, accepting and loving self more! Does this make sense?

My journey has led me to destinations that included who I’ve been, who I was in the moment, and who I wanted to become more of! Of course I’m not finished. I continue to become more of my truer self. Allowing time to grieve the loss of my old self, integrate parts of me that were ready to be embraced, and love all of me has taken time. Seeing the image of me in a new way has been huge! Remember, it’s the journey and not the destination that’s key!

Of course, synchronicity was at play when Charles asked me to write the newsletter in his absence! All in right time!! LOL

I’m grateful to get back in the groove of writing. Because of this opportunity I will continue writing through my website and blog, VictoriaBarna.com, which is currently being updated under the theme, Ignite the Spark of Hope! I’m so excited. What I’ve noticed while writing the newsletter I’ve changed what and how I write! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. LOL

Are you curious and want to know what’s changed? The biggest change I feel is that I’m more comfortable sharing more of me personally and being vulnerable in ways I’ve never been publicly. Does this make sense? I’m more and more comfortable with me!! I know my writing is better when I’m inspired. If I’m not inspired then I don’t write. Simple.

My inward journey and time it took feels like it’s paying off in ways I never imagined and I’m so grateful! I know it will continue as well.

There are so many ways that being grateful can show up in our lives. I find that with so much distraction going on in the world I have to take time, with intention, to remember each day what I have to be thankful for. Like you, I’m sure that some days are easier than others. I begin everyday when I wake up and realize I’m here another day on this Earth. Even before I get out of bed I offer a prayer of gratitude that I’m alive and have another day to be with my loved ones and friends. My intention is to be the best me I can be and make a difference! At night I focus on the things I’m grateful for before going to sleep!

I would love to hear what gratitude means to you. What are you grateful for in your life? How do you remember?

Once again, thank you for your love and support and the opportunity to share with you! Sending lots of love to each one of you!

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