“When we’re caught in a belief that happiness should take a particular form, we fail to see the opportunities for joy that are right in front of us.”
Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese Buddhist Monk

What does being spiritually wealthy mean to you? I often hear, “I want more abundance in my life and am I blocking my ability to receive?” These questions open up a conversation of what abundance and wealth mean. Each person believes and perceives the answers to these questions differently as you might imagine; however, it is helpful to explore these answers for yourself. Some people hold deep beliefs that having more material goods, education, prestigious jobs, large homes, and nice cars are what will bring happiness to them. Thich Nhat Hanh points out that when we believe that being happy looks a certain way then the beauty and joy of everyday life is missed! Does this happen to you?

Being spiritually wealthy is so much more than what you might believe. It includes wealth of honesty, integrity, kindness, compassion, understanding, love, relationships, helping others, acceptance, and so much more. This doesn’t mean that material and financial wealth can’t be included. They can! However, it means that the emphasis is centered on the wealth found within you – within your soul! Hmmm. What prevents us from accessing it? O.S. Marden, Author reminds us that, “Prosperity flows only through channels that are wide open to receive it. Doubt, fear and lack of confidence only work to close these channels.” How often do we limit ourselves through our beliefs, habits, insecurities, and perceptions? How often do we ask ourselves, “How will my life change if I truly open myself to receive without limitations? How willing am I to change my life so that I can receive more abundance, happiness, joy, and love?”

Spiritual wealth is already ours! Are you ready to receive it? Isn’t it time to release the illusion that you don’t deserve what is yours? Catherine Pulsifer, Author has also confirmed, “As you can see, wealth isn’t necessarily about money: it is more the wealth that you have within your own soul and what comes out through your mouth and heart.” It’s all about you and your truest nature – both divine and human! You are more than you think! You are amazing and capable of so much if you choose. Choose to see through the lens of love. Remember, that your words matter. Enjoy every step of your journey of learning more about you and your spiritual wealth. Cherish each moment and know how much you’re loved!
If you are interested in more personal support, together, we can explore releasing resistance to being the best you can be which includes: old habits, behaviors, past life influences, emotions, and the illusion of what you are not.

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