I Can’t Get No Satisfaction!

What? A Rolling Stones hit? What’s up with that? LOL

Some of you might think my writing process is a bit weird! All I can say is, “It is what it is and seems to work for me!” There have been a few topics percolating within me all week and today this title came so I’ve sat with it this morning to see how it unfolded. The first layer that came was that satisfaction comes from within not from others or externally. I believe that’s true just as “Peace comes from within” (Thich Nhat Han).

The journey of re-awakening is an inward one. A journey of shedding layers of illusion to the truths that are accessed deep within us. There really is nothing “out there”. It’s all within you and me! For change to happen in our lives we must first change within ourselves. We are the authors of our life, the artist of our canvas and the master gardener of our beautiful inner gardens so to speak.

I was talking to my oldest son on the phone yesterday. He’s been in Georgia for a couple of months working on a disaster recovery and environmental clean up team due to the recent hurricanes. He’s on his way home back to his family in Northern California and may join the efforts in Paradise, CA that were devastated by the recent fires. As we talked we reflected on our past white collar jobs and choices we have made. I mentioned that hindsight was wonderful and there are choices that I’ve made through the years that I’ve regretted. We laughed. I realize that I’ve learned and grown from those choices and in my prayer, meditations, and intentions I’ve asked for forgiveness from the individuals I felt I needed to. He reminded me that I have always had a loving heart which I appreciated and it reminded me how hard it’s been to forgive myself!

Really? I can’t get no satisfaction because there are still some things that come up that I can’t forgive myself for because some of the choices I’ve made in the past. Whew! Okay then. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t obsess over these choices. Rather, I’m aware that I’m still holding on to them because they periodically keep coming up. Each time, I realize, is an invitation to release them and forgive myself more completely. Not superficially. Do you know what I mean? Have you experienced this as well?

What now? I looked into my tool kit and realized that the Hawaiian prayer of forgiveness is very powerful. Have you heard of it or used it? It’s called Ho’oponopono. A therapist, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len used it and cured an entire ward of criminally insane inmates without ever spending time with them in the same space. He used their individual case files. His success was based on using 4 principles. The first one was Repentance. Saying “I’m Sorry”. Second is Forgiveness. Saying “Please Forgive Me.” Third is Gratitude. Saying “Thank You”. Fourth is Love. Saying “I Love You”.

It didn’t matter that he didn’t personally know these people. He realized that nothing is “out there”. It’s all “within each one of us”. This is pretty amazing isn’t it? This prayer and process of forgiveness is available to anyone. It doesn’t require someone else to do it for you. I’m going to use it when my stuff comes up and I trust it will help me. You can also begin with “I Love You”. I like that. It doesn’t matter whether you know the person personally. There is nothing “out there”!

I love you. (Optional)
I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.
I love you.

Keep repeating the prayer until you feel the truth and your willingness to forgive and love. Can you feel satisfaction as you forgive yourself? Please keep me posted and I will too!

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  1. That was a very IMPORTANT post, Victoria. We tend to live in our heads and create so much drama there and start living out that drama becoming an actor in our own play. . Of course the body reacts to that drama negatively. Besides LOVE…the most important word out there is FORGIVENESS. It’s critical. And sometimes we’re not even aware of where the forgiveness is needed. Not important…just FORGIVE. John Newton who I listen to once a month believes that the forgiveness can even go back to our ancestors…things we’re not even aware but carry their energy with us.. AND our body is speaking to us by holding illness…pain etc. Once we start the flow of forgiveness..the discomfort…pain in the body will subside. John Newton’s work proves this. And HEART is the third most important word..FOLLOW YOUR HEART..NOT YOUR HEAD and you will never go wrong. I KNOW…It’s how I live my life. We…in human form….really complicate our lives…if we stay in our heads…which means we NOT listening to our Hearts. THANK YOU for your important thoughts on Forgiveness and how important it is.

    • Donna, I appreciate your comments and insights. I agree that following your heart is the best guidance. Studies done by Heartmath have shown that the heart has a far greater capacity than our brain. LOVE, I believe, is the greatest transformer of all. We all come from Source which is LOVE. Forgiveness and compassion are key. In my client work I find that so many people find it challenging to love, forgive, accept, and have compassion for themselves. Often physical discomfort and disease is linked to this. You’re right, as human beings, we tend to make things more complicated than is necessary. However, for some this is how experience is gained.

  2. Great post Victoria! I LOVE ho’oponopono!

    • Thank you Vikki! I LOVE it too! So powerful!


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