Hey there.., Charles here. I want to share some exciting news with you. I just launched a new online course called “The Magic of Crystals – Tools for Intentional Living”.

You can find this course at https://courses.stormwisdom.com/courses/magicofcrystals

But beyond announcing this, I want to share why this feels like such a personal celebration for me. So if you’re interested, here’s a bit of my story….

The first time I was introduced to crystals was in a Lucid Living workshop in 2004. Before that, I have no memory of ever seeing a crystal or ever thinking about them. Let’s face it, crystals are not likely to come up in conversation very often in the corporate world, which at the time, is very much were I was happily entrenched.

The workshop wasn’t a crystal workshop per se, however they were talking about using them as a way to manifest and create shifts or changes in your life. The truth is, I blocked out most of what they were saying. It is not that I did not believe them, I just thought it wasn’t for me. To each his own.

But when break time came, that did not stop me from marveling at their beauty and the wonder that these marvels came out of and from the earth. I was so drawn to them as a form of natural art that I ended up purchasing several of them for my home.

Immediately my world began to shift and change. Even if it took me a while to figure out how and why. I began to absorb, explore, and study everything I could about them. Of course reference books like ‘The Book of Stones’ by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian, ‘The Crystal Bible’ by Judy Hall, and others were part of that early exploration.

But even as I read these books (which are great by the way), there were things that didn’t feel right to me. At first it was not glaring or obvious what felt off. I just remember thinking that either something they said didn’t feel right for me…, or that there was something that needed to be expanded upon.

Over time, I realized that my biggest challenge was with the idea that a specific crystals would heal, cure, or eliminate a specific illness, ailment, or disease. I don’t doubt that someone might work with a crystal and be able to achieve these results. At the same time, it has always felt like what works for one person may not for the next. Because not only are we unique, but so are crystals.

This means I could never say to someone with any sincerity or integrity that a specific crystal would heal a specific disease or disorder.

Yet crystals were playing an ever expanding role in my day-to-day life and I was being asked by friends to share insights, recommendations and “how-to” information about them. And this was long before I decided to open a crystal shop!

Once I opened Storm Wisdom, I knew if I wanted to teach others how to work with them, I would have to share my own perspective, process and thoughts on the magic of crystals.

This meant a lot of writing and classroom time. I have written about the natural properties of over 100 different crystals. I have written many articles on crystals, with specific topics, over the years. But… I have never taken the time to explain my philosophy and perspective on how to work with crystals and how to incorporate them into daily life as tools for intentional living.

Then along comes 2020… a year that none of us is ever going to forget!

It has been chaotic, confusing, and filled with upheaval and change. It put the breaks on many things that all of us have become use to. 2020 has asked each of us to look at new ways of doing and being.

For me, what started out as a business decision to put some courses online as a way to help people live more fulfilling and intentional lives, has turned into collecting my thoughts and experiences and putting them into a format that will hopefully help others to see and experience the beauty and magic of crystals as tools for navigating life with more focus, clarity of purpose, and fulfillment.

I didn’t know when I started this project how much it would mean to me personally. I love what I created in ‘The 11 Principles of Intentional Living’ course because that is the foundation of what and why Storm Wisdom exists. It will always be our flagship online course.

Yet, this course, ‘The Magic of Crystals’ is just more personal for me. It speaks to my passion and joy. It also represents the journey I have been on for the past 16 years and how I have crafted and created an amazing, beautiful, and joy-filled life, which for me, has definitely included using crystals as tools and talismans for being more intentional.

In fact, 2020 has shown me that the efforts of the past 16 years have paid off. As potentially scary as this year has been, I have felt like my life exists in the eye of this crazy storm. While chaos and uncertainty swirl around me, the life I have created with intention remains calm, solid and strong.

If you want to know more… please check out my newest course… available now!


Respectfully – Charles