The sensation is subtle when between multiple worlds I move.

Directions change without plan or intent.

Aligned and traversing forward so self-assured, then not.

Everything up for review, introspection forced by the surprise of what’s new.

Balance is sought as if it blankets against the dawn.

But that too is an illusion when I slip between worlds.

Could it be that easy or am I missing what is concrete?

It happens in those moments, when thoughts disappear.

Perhaps they are still there, but their noise becomes white. Their power buried beneath.

Disconnected from story a new doorway appears.

What happened to effort, where is the climb?

It’s as if it belongs in another world, the one left behind.

In a instant I am changed.

What once was, feels distant.., no longer the dream.

Is it always this simple or triggered by crossing a threshold that was never visible?

That nuance or altered awareness whispers from afar or is it deep within.

Mesmerized by the freshness of perspective whose staleness was cloaked.

Only revealed by the journey in-between worlds.

Vortices and portals accessible at will.

Yet seem so elusive when struggle and a smallness have been given control.

Remember the magic that has been all along.

Opening doors and windows to new or unknown.

Easily forgotten when attached to the past or distracted by a thousand possible futures.

Determined to have my way and to stay the course.

Until without notice I slip between worlds.

With Light, Love, and Laughter