The following are popular and easy to find crystals that you can work with to cleanse and clear your space or your energetic field.

Let me start by saying this: I truly believe that there are as many different ways to work with crystals as there are people. Anyone can intuitively connect with a crystal and figure out how it will most effectively support them.

With that said, sometimes it is easier to find information that someone has already written based on their own experience. If what is written here (or in book your reading) resonates with you… go for it! If it doesn’t, let it go and wait until something else presents itself!

Now, to the subject at hand. There are a number of crystals that have properties that support clearing or cleansing your space and or energetic field. The ones that I rely on the most are Selenite, Black Tourmaline, and Himalayan Salt.

Before we get into the specifics about these crystals I would like to share my perspective of negative energies. For me, energy is energy. It isn’t good or bad, or.., right or wrong. It just is. That said, there are energies that resonate with us and feel aligned. There are others that don’t. Think of energies as being a part of a continuum. On one end are the ones that feel harmonious and aligned with our own energies. The energies near the center of this continuum often feel neutral or trigger very little reaction one way or the other. The rest, on the other end of this spectrum or continuum, are disharmonious or even repel us. Like any continuum where ever you are in relationship to it, determines what works or what won’t work for you.

Don’t get caught is the trap of always ‘fighting’ negative energies. By focusing on something you actually attract it. Instead imagine yourself with the ability to recognize and resolve any situation where there are people, places or things that simply don’t resonate with you. Then focus on what would resonate with you instead.

With that said, there is nothing wrong with being proactive and using crystals or other tools such as essential oils, herbs, smudging, ceremonies, sounds, light, vibrations, etc.., to intentionally align your energetic field or space. Use these to move the energies around you in the direction (or toward the end of the continuum) that is most aligned with your personal desires.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

These are most effective for converting positive ions in to negative ions. This means the electrically charged particles in the air you breathe either have metal atoms (positive ions) or non metal atoms (negative ions). In day to day life think of this as pet dander, dust, pollution, allergens, smoke fumes, etc. Any electrically charged particle can attract or release metal atoms.

The warmth from the Himalayan Salt Lamps attracts water vapors that carry positive and negative ions. As the come into contact with the lamp, the heavier metal particles (in positive ions) stick to the salt. The non metal (negative ions) don’t. When the positive ions attach to the salt lamp they lose the metal and convert to negative ions (non metal)! Thus clearing your space of the heavier particles which can be unhealthy.

Nature naturally generates negative ions, especially around moving water. The ocean, a waterfall, rain. All helping to support our immune and nervous systems, purify blood and improve new cell regeneration. A Himalayan Salt Lamp does the same thing on a much smaller scale.

One salt lamp is effective in an average size room or space. It will not clear an entire house. This means you should use it in an area where you spend plenty of time.

One thing to keep in mind is that the light needs to be on in a salt lamp for it to work. The heat from the bulb helps the salt to be come more hydroscopic. So it attracts the water vapors, the heavier metal atoms attach to it, then the heat dries them out. This means these particles build up overtime. Shut the lamp off every month or so for a couple of hours and then wipe the lamp off with a slightly damp, clean cloth to remove these particles… then turn it back on again.


This crystal can be used in many different forms around your home or space for dissolving energies that are no longer aligned or necessary. Like the Himalayan Salt Lamp, you can also find Selenite Lamps in different shapes and sizes. The difference is that the heat from a light is not necessary to activate the Selenite (although it doesn’t diminish it either).

Regardless of the form of the Selenite, it naturally dissolves energies that are no longer aligned with you. Many times energies get stuck or blocked. In this situation, what may have started out as something neutral or benign, may become heavier or dense and may need help moving along. The dissolving properties of Selenite can stimulate a rapid release of these stuck energies.

Because it works on all of your Energy Bodies… physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, it may provide relief in different ways. As an example if it stimulates the release of an emotional blockage, often it is released completely, so no physical discomfort is triggered and visa versa.

Selenite’s natural properties are focused harmony and flow. This means it does its work creating resonance by eliminating anything that is out of tune (alignment) or stuck (not moving). This is the reason we use dissolved Selenite in our in-house developed “Energetic Mysts”.

Selenite works with you or your space equally well. If you are feeling physical pain or discomfort, such as headache, joint pain, or upset stomach, place a piece of Selenite directly over the area for about 15 to 20 minutes. If you have a lot going on emotionally or are experiencing confusion or scatted thinking, hold a piece of Selenite in your palm. If you have a larger piece, you can either sit or stand on it. Your hands, feet and tailbone are powerful meridians for your Energy Centers/Chakras.

You can use larger piece of Selenite in a room to keep the energies clear and flowing, or grid the space with smaller pieces. This makes it a very affordable option. Many people will bury pieces on their property, such as along the walkway toward their front door or garage, or any area where people enter their home.

I buried small pieces of Selenite around a labyrinth I built in my back garden, specifically to keep the energy of the labyrinth clear for anyone who walks it! BTW… Selenite never has to be cleared.

Black Tourmaline (or Shungite)

Think of Black Tourmaline as a filter for heavy or dense energies and EMFs. It naturally absorbs these energies and filters out the energetic pollutants in the same way that water is cleansed and purified by charcoal. The clean energies pass through the Black Tourmaline while the pollutions is attracted to and attaches itself to the Crystal.

Nature, including our own bodies creates Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF). So as humans, we are conditioned to be around EMFs. On a small scale, they are not a problem for most of us.

However, with the ever increasing and easy access to technology and electronic devices, many of us are now exposed to significantly higher levels of EMF. From massive power grids and power lines, to personal computers, hand-held tablets and cellphones… EMFs are hard to avoid.

Additionally, there is an increased sensitivity for many people who are intentionally accessing, developing and working with their internal senses. This intuitive work increases their energy awareness and sometimes creates challenges for them physically.

Many times the build-up or impact of these heavy or dense energies and EMFs happens over a period of time, so it may not be as obvious that they are the culprit of some of our personal challenges. Especially since the symptoms can manifest in many ways.

Heavy or dense energies can develop overtime as well. Think about constant exposure to unhealthy relationships, toxic behaviors, patterns of abuse or addiction, or even constant worry or fear about money, jobs, health, etc. These energies become so interwoven in an environment, that they are overlooked as a cause for our physical, emotional, mental or spiritual discomfort.

Working with Black Tourmaline maybe an ideal tool to help filter or clean the energy fields around you!

One of the ways that we work with Black Tourmaline at the store (and at home) is to put a piece between the computers and us. For us it is right near the keyboard we are working on. At home it is on the coffee table, between where I sit and the TV.

There are also small discs that you can put on your cellphone to help absorb EMFs. The ones we have are made from Shungite, and equally powerful crystal for this purpose.

Black Tourmaline will eventually absorb as much as it can and then stop working.., if you notice that it is not as effective as it was before, clear it under running water, in the moonlight, or easiest.., place it on a piece of Selenite over night!

There are a lot of other crystals you might work with to assist in cleansing and clearing. Hopefully this give you a place to start!

With Light, Love, and Laughter