I’m not lost.

The path that I’ve traveled to this point is masked.

Easy to find when I am willing to look back over a shoulder.

But that is not compelling, There is no will.

Instead I step, one foot forward.

Into something that feels familiar, yet unknown.

Something born of imagination, born of intention.

Familiarity based on throwing a dream into the future.

A longing or desire only known in conception.

Not understanding or perhaps believing that it would materialize.

Did I miss the power and importance of planting seeds?

Still as my foot lands in this formally unknown terrain the ground feels solid.

I recognize it from the pleas, demands and what ifs of yesterdays.

This is my creation.

Step with a knowing, plus a pinch of disbelief.

It is worth it.

The journey inside with a willingness to let go of tales and fables,

without clinging to beliefs or lore. To allow new truth and different versions to appear.

And.., as if by magic what was only imagined has become real.

A different landscape revealed.

I move peacefully into a new cadence. The pace is mollified. Itself matched to the present.

An awareness floats by as if carried by mist. “This too is part of the journey, not an arrival.”

Clearly, time for more seeds, aligned with the new world.

To cast out into the near-far future a reality that before was undreamable.

With a clarity of knowing that this too will manifest. As clearly as the road I walk upon this day.

Unfamiliar, yet known.

I’m not Lost.

With Light, Love, and Laughter