How has your week been? Lots of doing and being active? Have you had a chance to create a few moments of silence this week to experience and visit what I call “the inner monastery”? You might think of this as your heart space as well. I know that everyday living can be hectic and taking time for inner reflection often falls low on the list of priorities. However, I believe creating time for a few moments to BE silent is essential to our well being and personal growth.

I find that it really doesn’t matter where silence can be created. For example, some find opportunities to BE in silence while in nature. Others find silence in church, during meditation, a quiet place at home, or even while driving! If you’re driving please don’t close your eyes! LOL 

Seriously, driving can provide you moments of silence to help quiet your racing thoughts through deep breathing. This gives you an opportunity to clear your mind and gain clarity. There are many ways that opportunities to BE in silence and experience the benefits of entering your “inner monastery”. 

Your imagination is endless so enjoy the opportunities to explore creating your own favorite place to BE in silence.

Through the years I’ve noticed that every time I enter my inner monastery my experience is always different. Why? I’m always different! When I leave the silence of my inner monastery I feel better and sometimes, when I least expect it, I feel such an overwhelming feeling of unconditional love and gratitude! I experienced it again while traveling recently and spending time with my family. 

During the silence I was invited to reflect about a few things – the bigger  picture – why I chose to come to Earth and be of service; the importance of the relationships in my life; having freedom to speak and make choices; “getting” to do things instead of “having” to do them. Most of all I cherished the feeling of being loved unconditionally. I felt such gratitude for loving and being loved. Does this make sense? Have you ever felt like this? For me, the feeling is so strong it brings tears. Sometimes it feels like I want to sob. When I first experienced this amount of love it felt overwhelming. 

I am always grateful for the reminder of how much we are loved. I know it intellectually but only “feel” it when I’m in silence and my thoughts are quiet. This is a time where priorities are clarified and rearranged. It’s a time to imagine and dream – opening to a greater vision. It’s a time to “feel” and not think! It’s a time to BE and not do! What’s your experience?

Gisela and I are excited to offer a healing evening with the powerful and loving Messengers of Light on Tuesday, August 13, 2019, from 6:30 – 8:30p at Storm Wisdom. Seating is limited so please reserve your space early!