“Deep within my heart I hear the whispers, ‘Come to the desert and I will speak to your heart.’ Is the desert real or a metaphor? Can it be both? ‘Of course,’ I hear, ‘Your reality is yours to create.’ Then I remember it all begins with me. I take a deep breath, bring my awareness to my heart and enter the desert deep within me. Ahhhh, I am still.”
~Victoria Barna, Author, 2015

How are you feeling this week? Once again, there is a lot going on in the world as well as families. For those of you familiar with numerology I’ve recently begun a 7 personal year. It’s a year of introspection, mysticism, spiritual awareness, and in some cases solitude. It amplifies my natural introspective nature! So, I find that creating quiet time to enter my inner monastery is important! With so much going on in the world today it is easy to be distracted. Do you find this is the same for you? ‘Being still’ is one way that I find my soul feels nurtured and nourished. It’s my way of remaining centered and able to help others.

Prayer and/or meditation are a couple of ways that help me quiet my thoughts. Being in nature, deep breathing with my eyes closed while entering my heart space are other ways. Herman Hesse, German-Swiss poet, novelist and painter reminds us that, “Within you there is a stillness and sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.” Have you found the desert within you recently? I feel this sanctuary and retreat is needed as we navigate the drama, changes, and forward movement in our lives. It’s here that clearer answers can be found – answers less clouded by thoughts and self-doubt. Be yourself!

At first, being still can feel uncomfortable. Why? Most of our life is spent doing, isn’t it? For many, being busy and doing things has been a symbol of success! When time is spent ‘being still’ do you find self-judgment, and negative self-talk bubbling up? It’s so important to remember that taking time to nurture and nourish your soul is important for your own health and well being – restoring your depleted resources. When the negative self-talk and self-judgment shows up acknowledge it, embrace it then send it on a time out or vacation. It’s no longer helpful, is it?

You may have heard that, “The answers are within.” I would describe it a little differently. When my thoughts are quiet and I’m ‘being still’ I have access to infinite wisdom. In other words, I am able to be grateful as I receive more clarity without second guessing myself. I feel loved! Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese Buddhist monk reminds us that, “If we’re not calm, we can’t listen deeply and understand. But when our mind is calm, we can see reality more clearly, like still water reflecting the trees, the clouds, and the blue sky. Stillness is the foundation of understanding and insight.”

Are you ready to hear the whispers deep within your heart, see reality more clearly, and perhaps feel inner peace? Are you ready to be calm and enter your inner monastery or desert? Are you ready to be still? Be calm and enjoy  your exploration!

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