InTheFlowI have always had mixed feeling about the “Law of Attraction” and the messages that are promoted by movies like “The Secret” and books that are based on this concept.

On one hand, I completely relate to the idea that we attract the same sort of people, situations and experiences that are aligned with what we project through our thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs. If we think the world is against us and life is an uphill battle… we always find ourselves at the bottom of a perceived mountain. On the other, if we see the world as a friendly place to live, with opportunities all around us; we experience the synchronicity of happy people and new adventures.

At the same time, I feel like it is important to move in the direction of whatever it is that you want to create. So if you are going to visualize making more money, than you have to do more than just sit and imagine it. You also have to start taking steps in that direction. This is how the Universe aligns and creates the multiple opportunities that will allow money to flow towards us. It hones in on our own movement or intentions.

NOW.., I have another new insight. Mind you, I am not saying this is an original thought that has never been expressed before. It is that all of a sudden ‘I’ get it. Instead of using my personal intentions and magic to create, actualize and manifest more money, business, friends, health, travel or adventure; it’s more productive for me to start creating, actualizing and becoming the ‘me’ I want to BE.

I believe there is a new breed of human beings that is emerging. Many have and are being born right now.  But there are also many of us who are intentionally shifting our energetic imprint to be more aligned and in balance with the health of the planet and ALL of her occupants.

Many of the children born in the last 20 years, are aligned with a new future. They are less likely to tolerate hypocrisy. “Do as I say, not as I do..”, does not work for them. They are naturally more compassionate, especially when it comes to those who are less able to take care of themselves. They are more aware that they are ‘Spiritual Beings” and are more committed to navigating their life with this in mind. They have increased intuitive senses, an understanding of the cycle of life (including death), and are not looking for an authority outside of themselves, to tell them how to BE.

Then there are those of us who are shifting and changing our resonance with intention.   This means we are digging deep to find our authenticity, truth and unique expression. We did all the things that our family, culture, and society told us we needed to do, in order to be successful. Yet have realized, this is not enough. We have a longing for a new way of BEING that is not represented or modeled in the established, religions, corporations, media, government or organizations that appear to dominate the planet.

We too are having a hard time with the hypocrisy we witness around us.  We are no longer willing to follow the status quo. There is an overwhelming knowing or sense that a new way is emerging.  Even if we can’t see how or what this new way looks like; we feel it in our bones. We know we are part of a larger move to create harmony and balance on the planet. War, greed, fear, violence and hoarding of a distorted sense of power feel outdated and useless. True empowerment based on Love and Will is calling us forth, for the sake of ALL and away from the ‘me, me, me’ mentality.

This is where my newest insight comes in. Instead of envisioning more zeros in my bank account or more clients walking in the door, or places I want to visit and experience… I visualize, embody and move towards being more of my true authentic SELF. I see the beauty of living my truth and recognize that as I embrace my own uniqueness I become more aligned with All-That-Is.  My sense of separation is diminished. By becoming more myself, my sense of Oneness is expanded. Then, all these other things I want to create, naturally fall into place. I am in the flow!

With Light, Laughter, and Love
~ Charles