InThisTogethernessFor the past few days, I’ve noticed my approach to life is a bit of a cliche! It seems when someone asks me ‘how things are going?’, my first response is ‘amazing’, ‘wonderful’, ‘couldn’t be better’, or something along those lines.

Then my thoughts start spinning and I begin to examine that statement and want to make sure I am speaking the truth! Is there anything that ISN’T wonderful? Am I dealing with anything that someone would consider ‘less than amazing’? For a long time, I thought I was being thorough. Weighing the pros and cons. Keeping myself honest. However today.., it feels like it is simpler than that!

I am a Libra!

Hello!! Balance much? Just what I have always wanted (NOT!).., to be a stereotype!

But I guess the good news is that when we recognize that we have a tendency or proclivity towards something, we can begin to change it!

My life IS amazing! And it IS cause for celebration. There is no need to look around to find anything that might feel limiting, challenging or taxing. Those things can actually co-exist with ‘wonderful’! There is no need to find something to balance ‘awesome’!

I know there must be some other Libra out there who know what I mean by this… But how about the other signs of the zodiac? Do you have a natural tendency that influences how you look at life? Does it ever feel ‘cosmic’ to you?

The funny part about this for me is realizing that I have been holding this as a strength! Something that I developed. Critical or analytical thinking. Logic. Then suddenly to realize I am embodying a Sun-sign.., well feels sort of humbling.

Yet the important lesson isn’t that I am the ideal model for the horoscope page. It is that LIFE is amazing and wonderful! Yesterday we celebrated our 6th Anniversary! We had a bountiful and full day, surrounded by loving and supportive friends and clients. Sharing stories, memories and even dreams for what is next.

It was never more obvious that I am part of a co-creation with others – that is shifting and changing lives, one intention at a time. The gratitude I feel for the people and place that are Storm Wisdom is immense. It is such a blessing to be a part of.

It makes me realize we are not celebrating the anniversary of the day we opened. We are celebrating everything that has transpired during these first six years. Visiting with so many who have been a part of our growth. Whether we have been connected for 6 years or 6 weeks; we all share something in common. This place where we connect, lean-in, learn and grow. A place filled with beauty, laughter, tears and joy!

Thank you for being a part of my life. Thank you for reading this newsletter and allowing me space in your inbox, which god knows are overflowing these days! Thank you for your support. Please know that today as I celebrate this beautiful life… You are a huge part of this co-creation! How fun to be in this together! I am honored!

PS… Please send Love and Light to our friend Sandy Schenkat who is in the hospital right now. Our thoughts are with her!

With Light, Love, and Laughter