“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”
Brene Brown, Research professor and author

Letting go of things that no longer serve you has been a pretty consistent theme this year especially as we experience intense lunar energies. For those of you who are sensitive to these energies we’ve just experienced another full moon and one that’s considered to be a super moon! How have you been feeling? Perhaps more emotional, tired, and out of balance? Have you felt that feeling safe, wanting comfort and security was important? These lunar energies have highlighted the desire to align with your goals and trust your instincts/intuition more. And yet, rest and reflection are the keys to help you move forward and be aligned.

What does this have to do with being courageous and letting go? For me, the journey of spiritual awakening has offered so many opportunities for inner reflection and opportunities to ‘let go’ of old habits, beliefs, and perceptions. Through the years I’ve chosen to ‘let go’ of many layers of old stuff that had served its’ purpose. What I thought I knew is no longer true. I realize the more I travel this path the more I don’t know and although it was very unsettling in the beginning it no longer is. I’m learning to accept and lean more into the unknown and feel ok with it. Letting go of my old habits and ways of believing took trust and courage to be willing to be seen and heard; and to   leave behind what was known and comfortable. I have found that the more I ‘let go’ of ‘old stuff’ the easier it becomes. Is this true for you, too?

Author, Buddhist practitioner and teacher, Jack Kornfield, has said, “One of the essential tasks for living a wise life is letting go. Letting go is the path to freedom. It is only by letting go of the hopes, the fears, the pain, the past, the stories that have a hold on us that we can quiet our mind and open our heart.” I haven’t thought of letting go in this way before but I can relate. How many stories have we created that have a hold on us? How often do we resist moving forward because we are afraid of the unknown? As many years as I’ve been traveling this path of awakening I’m amazed at how many stories I’ve had to let go of and still stories from the past show up once in awhile. Now, they don’t have the hold over me that they used to. When they show up and I begin to move into self-judgment I stop and consciously forgive myself and others then I send all of us love and choose to ‘let go’ and lean into acceptance in the moment.

Spiritual teacher and author, Eckhart Tolle, has said, “Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on.” It takes courage to let go, do the right thing, be accountable for choices made, and continue on your path aligning with your goals, values, integrity, and becoming more of who you are at your core – LOVE! This is far more empowering than trying to hang on or defend why you want to continue holding on to something that is no longer beneficial, isn’t it? So, take time to reflect and gain clarity. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, tired, and more emotional right now please practice good self care. Breathe, quiet your mind and open your heart. Listen to its’ whispers and invite the love that is waiting for you to embrace and fill your depleted well! Trust and let go! 

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