It’s All Energy Baby!

itsallenergybabyI am feeling a bit self-absorbed these days. If you read my blog-post last week you know I’m kicking off a new phase of my life. There was something about turning 58 that really had me stop and think. It is now or never. It will never be any easier. And.., the timing just feels right.

At the same time, making a bunch of lifestyle changes all at once requires focus and attention. So it seems all I do these days is think about me. Aspects that are changing. What’s my plan for the rest of the day. The emotions and thoughts that are triggered by doing something new or skipping something old.

I am only a couple of weeks into making the first round of shifts and changes, and I already want it to be complete. I am trying to figure out how to normalize it and make it “easy”.

My confidence, willpower and determination are all over the map. Sometimes they feel rock solid. Other times they feel like they are running out of fuel. Up and down like a roller coaster.

But maybe that is how it is suppose to be. Whenever we are doing personal/spiritual growth work we are changing our vibration. What we are really talking about is shifting our energetic field. Changing the frequency we operate in or emit.

There is a concurrence that happens between the old and the new. It takes time for the thoughts, patterns, beliefs and feeling that are no longer harmonious with the new state of being to begin to diminish. Their dissonance is revealed. Some of course are obvious and begin to disappear quickly. Where the more subtle and less obvious reveal themselves over time.

Simultaneously, new thoughts, patterns and beliefs begin to emerge that have a stronger resonance with the new information or activities and the emotions associated with them. Once again some easier to blend and incorporate. Others more subtle and revealed over time.

This blending or entrainment is our integration of the desired change or transformation we are making. It is the integration that takes time. One reason for that is that our human tendency is to quickly recall old stories.., repeat old patterns or habits.., rely on well worn thoughts and emotions that have kept us company for so long.

So it is our older comfortable energetic vibration that we default to when we are stressed, bored or simply stop pay attention. We are susceptible to falling back to old ways of being, until the shifts and changes we are making become fully integrated.

Then those old patterns, emotions, behaviors or beliefs won’t resonate. We will notice them, even have vague memories of them and how they were a part of us before. But they will no longer feel ‘right’ for us. We are new. We have a new vibrational frequency or energetic field.

So for now.., while I am in the early stages of making these shifts and changes. I need to take care of myself and be diligent with nurturing the new patterns, beliefs, and activities that are leading me to this new desired resonant state. Instead of self-absorbed.., I think I will hold this as self-care.

How about you and what you are creating, destroying or changing in your life? Are you giving it the attention it deserves and are you taking self-care? I hope hope so.., as my new frequency is looking forward to getting charged up by your new frequency! It’s all energy baby!

Now, Let’s Rock!

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With Light, Love, and Laughter


  1. Ah, the chaos that always comes with transition. One foot in the old and one foot in the new, what fun! It’s all about the navigation, ask yourself how can I make this fun? I know when I start something new I am always so serious about it and everything has to be black and white, no gray area. No deviating for me. I have found out through much trial and error that for me it is easier if I make it fun and surrender to the process, which can change moment to moment. If I live in the gray area I don’t tend to beat myself up for whatever I have judged as wrong in the moment. How can it get any better than this?

    • You’re singing my song Mary. I know the need to make everything black and white so well. I just had a conversation this morning with a friend who said much the same thing. Do it for the fun of it! Do it for the Love. It is the difference between making these shifts and changes from a place of dominion.., versus the old way of domination. Thank you as always for sharing your insights!

  2. I love how you explained the change of frequency, the metamorphosis that happens as one grows, stretches and evolves, just like a butterfly. To be fully who one is. I am encouraged to read about your process, Charles. By you sharing your process, it’s offering new hope and you are paving a path so us too can proceed forward in the direction of our dreams and being who we truly are meant to be, Fully, unapologetically and with less trepidation or feelings of dauntingness. Blessings to you and your process and let us all keep having fun with the shifts of energy. Let’s proceed with self-care. As Shakespeare so wisely put it “to thine own self be true,
    And it must follow, as the night the day,
    Thou canst not then be false to any man.”


    • Thank you Lavinia. I am glad you resonate so well with the message. Experience is a great teacher, and it appears you have collected your own learnings and lessons along the way! I appreciate your support and encouragement. It means a lot!

  3. I am experiencing this same transformation myself right now. I am finding that the energy will literally guide me on the path if I surrender to it. Easier said than done, yet when I surrender completely, it works!

    • Surrender to it! Like you said Michelle.., such an important aspect of change and transformation now. Glad we are in this together!


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