The world is going crazy! It is our job to stay balanced and centered!

I have been avoiding the news as much as possible; at least as it pertains to what is being delivered by corporate media. Actually it should not be allowed, to be called “News”.., as so much of it is actually just opinions or a distortion some group wants us to believe.., or they think will ‘sell’.

Even still, it is hard to miss all the insanity that is shaking our world.

Abuse of power; domination over the poor or weak; Greed; separation and isolation; instigating fights and battles, rioting, lying, terrorism and more. It can be a lot to experience and absorb.

Which is exactly my point. We are not suppose to absorb this at all. It exists, it is real. But we don’t have to engage with and absorb it in our lives! Instead, let’s look for the alternative.

What is happening that inspires you? Where are you witnessing love, support and encouragement? Where is there beauty and connection? What do you want more of? What makes you laugh? When are you most likely to get lost is a state of wonder?

For every negative, violent, greedy, selfish, hateful or harmful act or situation; there are dozens of examples of peace, beauty, love, joy and silliness!

Yet if we buy into all the hurtful negative crap… Life begins to look bleak. Our roadmap to a more enlightened and illuminated future feels soiled and fragile.., it becomes hard to read.

We are either in a defensive posture; trying to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the onslaught of someone else’s mess! Or.., We are in an offensive posture; trying to push for or move the situation towards our own end-goal. Both of these postures require us to be braced and off-center. In order to be successful at either, you have to be off-balance.

Instead, let’s look for the positive. Lets fill and surround ourselves with what we want to see in the world. Let’s put our energies into the the people and things that support and sustain us. Lets step out of the ‘Us against Them’ game entirely.

We can simply walk.., upright, balanced, and centered in a new direction toward whatever brings us joy.

You may find it takes a little time to adjust to walking around without being ‘on-guard’. You may realize that you have been expending a lot of energy trying to be “in the game”. When in reality, it is not even your game! You might even find that for a little while, you’re not even sure what to do with this excess energy. The energy that it use to take just to maintain the illusion of being in someone else’s game!

When I am not constantly in a state of “bracing for the worst”.., I find I have a lot more energy (and creativity) to give to the people and projects that matter! What could you do with a new supply of energy and creativity?

The Earth needs us to be in balance. It is trying to lock in on a new way of Being. One where everyone thrives because they are focused on creating what they want… Not fighting against what they don’t want!

Just a thought! 🙂

With Light, Love, and Laughter