wine$$I saw a cartoon recently that said “I could really use a glass of wine.., and a million dollars!”

I can SO relate! I suppose most of us can. However there is something different for me these days. Not different from others, but different from how it use to be for me. In the past, if I had a fantasy of coming into a lot of money, my thoughts revolved around how I would change my life. How I would do things in a different way.

These days I LOVE what I am doing.., and if I had more money, I would do more of what I am already doing. That is a really cool insight for someone who was always chasing the dime toward the unknown next! It is an ideal way to know I am on the right track!

I am also aware that this longing for more is its own form of resistance. That somehow viewing the future with hopes for more than what already is, sends a message to the Universe that I am dancing with a barrier that feels more real, than my ability to open up and receive.

Receiving is harder for most of us than we realize. We were raised with the beliefs that you have to earn, prove or be deserving of those things you desire. There are many things wrong with the energies associated with these beliefs, but none more problematic than that they are perpetual! Think about it for a moment. Once you begin the process of “proving” yourself; when does it stop? The same is true for earning or deserving. They tend to be continual or endure forever; for many of us, they last for our entire lifetime.

They become the silent messages that we send ourselves daily. They become the barrier or our hurdle to receiving the infinite abundance that the Universe has to offer. Of course we have situations where we experience the power and joy of receiving. Yet, often it is limited in its time and scope by our need to get back to work! To continue to prove, earn and deserve.

I bring this up because these also feed the energies of separation. They tend to isolate us and pit us against one another. Within them is an implied message that if I don’t deserve, earn or prove myself first, someone else will! Someone else will reap the rewards. The inherent message is that there is not enough to go around and someone loses. And even if you win this time.., you have to stay engaged and in the game or someone else will take your place.

I say let’s set these limiting energies down, and embrace the idea of receiving simply because it is what we desire. Lets energetically open ourselves up to the powerful, creative resources that are all around us. And rather than plotting how to get around, over, or avoiding the perceived barriers; let’s allow those barriers to dissolve. Instead of hurdles, a smooth flat track.

Time to exercise the muscles of opening, allowing and receiving! Just because!

With Light, Love, and Laughter