I have believed for a long time that we are currently in the midst of a dramatic shift of energies on the planet. On the one hand, this shift or change feels very personal because it is aligned with and influences everything about my own spiritual journey. On the other, it feels as if it is massive and beyond humanities focus and attention.

As the energies shift and change on the planet, who I am and how I interact with the 3D world around me, also shifts and change. Because so much of what I believe is based on my internal senses, my intuition and energy awareness intensifies too!

This can make it all seem like my way of coping with these worldly changes is very esoteric or based on my imagination, hopes and dreams. Which actually works for me. Whether this makes any logical sense to anyone else doesn’t really matter, because it is simply one way to navigate this journey called life.

That said… even if my version is off… I still believe humans are conditioned to survive and as a species, we will figure out how to overcome the self-destructive behaviors that seem to threaten the planet and our very existence. Even if that means scrapping everything that is currently considered the “status-quo”.

Here is why I am writing about this right now., this week.

For awhile now, I have had this amazing feeling of being content. Knowing that everything in my life is as it should be. Feeling blessed and hopeful. Knowing I am exactly where I am suppose to be, going through exactly what is needed or called for at this time. In other words… I feel at peace.

At the same time, there seems to be so much chaos, confusion, separation, violence, disasters and destruction. We are bombarded with images and sounds, that in the past would throw me off. Make me nervous or scared. Trigger anger or despair. It felt like I was always dealing with at least a low-grade level of worry or fear. And sometimes, there was nothing “low-grade” about it! It was fear on loud speaker.

I am aware that the confusion and chaos still exists. I am aware that in many ways it is swirling at a heightened pace and encompasses more of the world around me. Yet, in many ways it feels okay. I can be calm in the middle of the storm.

It makes me really thinks about all the different teachings that promote the idea that all change happens from within. That what we do matters less than who we are. Being instead of doing.

This is what I am experiencing these days. The rightness of it all.., even those things that make me uncomfortable. Situations, that in the past, I would have wanted to be different.., may still not be my preference. But at least I can co-exist with them without losing my sense of balance and connection. In other words, I exist side by side with them versus always feeling separate.

I will simultaneously hope for a new future while at the same time allowing the old ways to play out in whatever way they need to. I will hold my view of a new way of Being for the planet…, and set an intention for harmonious evolution and change, while maintaining my internal sense of peace.

For now I will keep on keeping on!

With Light, Love, and Laughter