shitstormLook around and see what the 3D world is trying to reflect back to you. What is happening in the external world that is trying to inform your inner world. There is always something the Universe is trying to share with us.

In my case there is a shit-storm happening!

The plaza where Storm Wisdom is located is under siege with major plumbing problems that are part of the original construction. 40+ year old pipes that are disintegrating. Old sewage that is backing up. Restricted flow of water. Stench that seeps up from out of nowhere.

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This has been going on for a few weeks, but is culminating now. Commercial Plumbers have been onsite for over a week with jackhammers, shovels, temporary pipes or tubes. Blocked off parking. Overflowing toilets and a basic mess!

Some of the business were completely shut down for a day or two.

We are part of it. Yet, at the same time we are one of the least affected. Two of the businesses next to us have huge holes in there floors. For us it is on either side and new pipes are being fed under our space. It has had a few unique challenges, but we are on the downhill side.

Soon what was old, stuck, blocked and deteriorating will be open, free of obstruction and flowing!

I think there is a beautiful metaphor that all of us who work here at Storm Wisdom can use in our lives. And it speaks to how far we have come on our healing journeys.

We can allow old wounding, blockages and the crap we have been holding onto – go, be released and cleared out. We can receive that which is current and new. It can be replaced without a lot of digging or processing. We can embrace and experience the new flow that is available as a result of letting any old pathways be restored and brought up-to-date. All without creating a major impact to our physical bodies.

This is the value of working in harmony with what we perceive in our 3D world… the illusion as we experience it. When we energetically tap into what we are seeing or experiencing and then simply allow it to happen for us, instead of to us.., we benefit from that awareness. We do this without creating more impact to our own physical body. We drop our resistance. We are not victimized by it. It is simply a metaphor for something we are clearing out and releasing from our past.

This doesn’t mean we don’t feel discomfort or challenged. It means we are leveraging the experience through our ability to observe it, with some detachment.

For me.., I don’t know what all this means and what it is in particular I am letting go of? Instead I am aware that there are a lot of changes I am making in my life and whatever I am letting go of is in service of not taking it with me into the next version of what I am creating. That actually sounds pretty good to me!

So I’ve found a new appreciation for my latest shit-storm!

With Light, Love, and Laughter