LettingGoBlogWe are waking up.  Remembering.  Expanding.  We came here at this particular time to be a part of one of the greatest possible leaps in the evolution of Consciousness.  Consciousness is committed to learning more and more of itself.  And it learns in multiple ways.  And believe it or not, awareness and expansion through physical form is one of the most powerful ways to evolve!

Think about it for a moment.  Throughout All-That-Is… The entire Universe and millions of Galaxies, more than 99% of what exists is non-physical.   It’s space, air, nothingness, filled with minuscule amounts of physical matter!  Something solid, that has been created out of nothing.  And then on some of these host particles or planets, other physical life forms such as water, animals, mineral, plant, and humans have evolved.

There is no mistake that one or more of these life forms began to become more aware.  First of their environment and then of their relationship to that environment.  Take that to the next level, and you begin to see sentient beings, who are aware of themselves, and begin to understand the power of choice and will.  Beings who begin to search and seek for the origin of SELF and to understand their relationship to All-That-Is.

In this way, we are the part of God that seeks to understand what was, is and will be.  We not only study this planet, but we are exploring the micro or quantum as well as macro…, meaning beyond our own Universe.

Make no mistake, we are Magical Beings.  We are Magicians!

Many of us are shifting the way we experience our own lives.  We are expanding our awareness and faculties for working with unfamiliar senses.  Those senses that go beyond the physical senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.  We know things about people, places, and things, simply by the energetic impact they have on our own energy bodies.  We sense and know what is aligned with us and that which is not.

This access to the unfamiliar senses is happening to everyone on the planet.  Not just a chosen few.  However, we learned long ago that we had the freedom of choice.  Most of us are feeling or experiencing this expansion.  But there are many who are not interested; doubtful; in fear; or are simply too distracted by the circumstances in their lives.  Many are struggling to preserve and protect what they have, which feels more comfortable, simply because it is ‘known’.

But for those who are aware and who are intentionally pursuing their own deeper understanding of their relationship to the energies around them; they are relating to life through terms such as vibration, pulse, and frequency.  If you are one of these people, it is time to embrace that you are a Spiritual Magician!

This means you are creating your life based on where energy flows.  You are aware when something feels aligned and harmonious.  You direct your energies towards that which works for you.  And anything that doesn’t resonate, is released.  You have an internal knowing, intuition, insight or instinct that you trust.  You feel empowered by all of your senses and you know you are moving in the right direction.
Yet, this does not mean that everything is easy.  Committing to expanding self-awareness and personal growth creates a risk to existing connections and relationships.  Some are actual threats; others are just perceived.  We won’t know the truth until we are willing to be authentic and engaged with them.  That in itself is enough to keep some of us operating at the same level or shifting our resonance to stay connected to something or someone that is actually no longer a fit.

In fact, much time and effort can be spent trying to stay connected to friends, family, jobs, locations, or social groups; that at one time felt irreplaceable.  It is easy to feel like an ‘odd duck’, when many around you are still operating from an old paradigm that for you, no longer clicks.  Sometimes, if you are not surrounded by like-minded people, it can feel lonely.  Actually, this is one of the biggest reasons that many spiritual magicians will stop or slow their own journey.  The fear of losing what they already have.

As long as we are holding on to these people or situations that no longer fit, we are holding on to the past.  And by the way, sometimes when we let them go, they find their own path toward their highest future.  Perhaps by holding on or refusing to let go of a person or situation, we limit their natural evolution as much, if not more, as our own!

With Light, Love, and Laughter

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