Have you felt different this week? Perhaps more stressed and doubting yourself more than usual? Have you felt a little brain fog or couldn’t see things clearly? A friend told me she was feeling a bit wonky! Since the full moon and lunar eclipse the energies have been swirling and shifting a lot. Why was this week even more intense and different?

I remembered that an amazing energetic event happened on August 8th. It’s referred to as the Lion’s Gate and it opened. I really didn’t know what the significance of the Lion’s Gate was so I decided to check into it and see how the changes everyone was feeling are connected. Now that I know more about the Lion’s Gate I can see how its’ opening has significantly affected people. Especially those of you who are sensitive and feel energies. Major shifts that are meant to bring harmony and peace are here! What in your life isn’t harmonious and peaceful? Are there beliefs, habits, perceptions, or things to let go of? What are you willing to change?

Did you know that on the physical plane the Lion’s Gate is a place? It’s located in the Old City Walls of Jerusalem, Israel and plays a significant role in traditional Christian history. Astrologists believe it opens a time of major shifts. It’s an opportunity for us to recharge – regain balance, confidence, and energy. When you look at the sky and see the brightest star, Sirius, there is also a belief held by many that accelerated awakening of new frequencies, possibilities, and higher consciousness have been released from Sirius. Numerologists consider the number 8 to represent abundance – abundance in all aspects of life! That energy is here too!

Wow, no wonder you may feel different! Hmmm. Come to think of it I do too! If you have felt more fatigued than usual don’t worry. Rest and trust that this is a time of adjustment so to speak. A time to adjust to the new frequencies that we are receiving. What an amazing opportunity to explore limitless possibilities even in the midst of what seems like chaos!

No, I’m not crazy, really!! (LOL) Yes, I believe that now is a perfect time to seek my inner peace and co-create a deeper connection and relationship with the universe. Most of you may be thinking of the universe outside of us but I mean the universe that is within each one of us. We are the universe!

The way I’ve experienced this is during my quiet and meditative time. I call on my cosmic navigator to guide me. Isn’t imagination great? In fact I imagine mine looks a little like the Red Baron with a closely fitted leather cap, goggles, and a neck scarf that flies in the wind! Yours might look different and that’s great! It’s an amazing feeling during this time to settle into the calm, travel within, feel my physical body shed and experience freedom and limitless possibilities. We are more than we think. Let me know how your experience is if you decide to try it!

What a great opportunity the opening of the Lion’s Gate offers us. Are you ready to more consciously create your reality and become more intimate in your relationship with the universe where infinite wisdom can be accessed? Are you ready to continue moving beyond ego more and more toward unconditional love and understanding/compassion? This is a beautiful part of our journey and available to all of us. It’s ours to consciously choose! I am. How about you?

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