Magic is in the air!

Actually, magic is ALWAYS in the air. Sometimes we just need to pay attention. It is a bit like our intuition or should I say intuitive senses. We are all intuitive, but the more we pay attention to (and trust) these senses, the more they reveal themselves.

This is true for magic too. We are always working with the energetic field that surrounds us. We are connected and an integral part of this unified field. Yet so often we feel disconnected or separate from it. As if we are going it alone!

Harmony with the field is our natural state. However, our thoughts, beliefs, attitude and perception can often feel more powerful. It is easy to believe we are alone or disconnected from everything going on around us.

Sometimes it feels like we “almost” grabbed the “brass ring”. It feels like something we want is within reach. It is right there, but we can’t quite put our hands on it. Rather than recognizing that this is something within us that is preventing that thing from manifesting.., we begin to feel like it is the Universe working against us. As if we are separate or on different sides.

That is never the case.

As we begin to own our power and authority… we begin to shift. We have more and more awareness of our connection to the energies around us… to All-That-Is. We begin to see how our behavior, habits, and patterns are preventing us from realizing our dreams. We begin to see that struggle is an internal perception that is a major component of what we are manifesting in our day-to-day lives.

As we set down struggle, interesting coincidences begin to happen. We realize we are standing in the right spot at the right time. Synchronicities seem to rule the day. We think of someone and we connect at just the right moment that triggers clarity in a situation or even a new direction. Things begin to actualize in the moment. That ‘thing’ we were trying to manifest, simply appears.

For years I thought I was “lucky”. I mistook magic, ease and flow as being temporary windfalls. Like playing a slot machine and finally hitting a winning combination… even if it wasn’t the big jackpot!

I thought if I just keep pulling the lever it would eventually be my turn to win!

But that is not how magic works. Magic is always a winning combination. We get it, not by chance, but by recognizing it, trusting it, and following the energy of it! Sometimes our greatest manifestations or acts of magic are unanswered desires. They lead us to something greater.

I have been living with magic for a number of years now. Often trying to push it away by my disbelief in its potential. But there are times in our lives when so many things come together at one time… often, seemingly unrelated to one another…, that suddenly reveal the truth of our connection and oneness with our own reality creations!

This has been my week… and once again I am reminded to trust the magic. It really is that powerful and it is always available. It is simply waiting for us to engage and trust!

Today I am grateful that Magic is in the Air!

With Light, Love, and Laughter