I love how the Universe works! So many signs and signals appear in each moment. One of the challenges is to be open to receive them! Yes, are we listening or ignoring them or are we just on auto-pilot?

I’ve been looking at where I focus my energy lately. It’s been like a huge closet cleaning exercise. What am I ready to let go of in order for new possibilities to emerge? Have you felt like this too? One of the things I do daily is to create an intention to make a difference in someone’s life. I never know how this will happen and sometimes I’m not sure if I do. However, I trust even though I can’t always “see” it. Does this make sense?

I had to laugh at myself recently. Why? Well actually I laugh at myself fairly often if you want to know the truth! (LOL) I was on my way to Storm Wisdom to facilitate a guided meditation. As I was driving I guess I was still in closet cleaning mode because I asked myself, “Is it time for me to stop doing these meditations?” Hmmm. This question comes up periodically and I haven’t had a clear signal to stop. In fact as I continued driving no clear answer came to me. I decided to remain open and be fully present to whoever attended the meditation that evening.

So, what happened? Did I receive an answer? Was I open to receive the signs or signals that appeared? The answer became so clear to me after the participants shared their experiences. One person said, “I never fully relax and tonight I completely relaxed! Thank you!” Another said, “I went to such a beautiful place and met a friend that has been important to me for a very long time! Thank you!” Still another said, “Your voice is so calming. I went so deep. I didn’t want to come back! Thank you!” Their feedback made a difference to me. It confirmed that I did make a difference in their life through this experience. For now, I will continue. It makes me happy to make a difference in someone’s life!

I’m not saying that you have to facilitate guided meditations to make a difference! (LOL) As I reflect about what making a difference means I realize it can look like something different for everyone. Why? Each one of us has different skills and passions; different interests. For some reaching out to a neighbor, taking cookies or treats to school for your child, volunteering to chaperone a field trip, listening to your partner, friend, or a child makes a difference. Smile at someone. It matters. You can volunteer at a hospital, shelter, soup kitchen, or become a tutor. There are so many ways to let someone know how important and valid they are. Making a difference can look different for someone who has vast financial resources. This doesn’t mean that one is better than another. It’s just different!

In order to make a difference make it mean something to you! Let it flow from your heart. I find that if I’m doing something out of duty and obligation it becomes very heavy. There’s no joy in it. When I feel this I know it’s time to let it go. As I clean my closet, so to speak, I take this into consideration as well. Where do I want to spend my energy? Does it feel good and make me happy? Is it fun? Will I continue doing it even if I don’t know the impact it has on others? Why do I want to continue? How about you?