masterJugglerPatience, impatience. Patience, impatience. Sometimes I think I am becoming so good at allowing things to unfold in their own timing. Then again.., sometimes not!

It use to be that I could feel myself wishing time away. It is one of the luxuries of youth. When you feel immortal who cares that you are bypassing experiences of the moment in the rush to get to some new or different future. But then time begins to rush past and you realize it is one thing you will never get back.

So we learn patience and forget the crazy notion of wishing away time. Until we find ourselves doing it again! Not because what is going on in our lives isn’t good. But because we feel the closeness of our dreams. What we have imagined or envisioned for ourselves. It is the closeness or proximity of this beckoning future that inspires impatience. Well, at least it does for me!

Everything is amazing. Everything is awesome. Life couldn’t be better.., unless there were bundles or oodles more. And in many ways, that is what life is feeling like for me right now. It feels like a time of expansion. A time of more. So much so that I find myself wanting to get to and experience this sense of more… Right now!

And then I remind myself that impatience is actually a form of resistance. And what we resist, persists!

There is a balance that we must strike between dreaming and imagining our future, while staying connected to the present moment. Experiencing and celebrating the Now, while seeding the future. It may be an act of juggling, but inside each of us is a master juggler. We can do this.

And I am not talking about multi-tasking. That is an overly valued concept that in truth doesn’t work. It is impossible to maintain focus on multiple thoughts simultaneously. We may dance between competing thought-patterns. But that doesn’t mean we are excelling at it. It usually means we are doing multiple things half as well as we would like.

Instead this is a state of Being. Being present and loving the direction we are headed toward. In fact, we can’t know much more than the next step or two that is right in front of us. I know when I get to far ahead of myself, something crops up that seems to change everything.

I have a couple of really cool/fun projects I am working on. They are nearing completion and I can sense it. Both have been a long time in the making. Not that they are hard or difficult, but there are a lot of pieces that have to come together. They require resources, focus and coordination with others.

I have been especially spacious with them until recently. What that means is that I have been content to see them unfold at their own pace. I have been in the flow. But now that I can almost touch them… I really want them to be complete NOW! This is how I know my impatience is trying to kick in!

AND.., they are still going to be completed on their schedule not mine! I am aware that now that I feel these completing I am already thinking about what is next. What project, dream, product or adventure will be launched next?

I smile at the thought of this. We have a tendency to be such driven animals. Always wanting more. I appreciate that this is a natural part of our desire to evolve, learn and grow. It is also how some of us create the resistance that comes with impatience. Always jumping ahead to the next thing!

And we wonder how we became Master Jugglers!?!

With Light, Love, and Laughter

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