We are all magicians whose greatest skill is creating our own lives. Most of the time it seems as if we are being moved along through time and the circumstances of our lives inevitably. We begin to believe we are simply responding to what shows up. In reality we are the ones who are making it all up! We decide what happens; who participates; where our journey will lead us and how it turns out. It is a moment-by-moment creation.

We create each new moment based on where we place our focus and intention. We influence the circumstances of our journey by what or who we give weight or attention. We are writing our script and story-boarding the screenplay. We determine the type of feature film our entire life will represent. We are magicians in motion; constantly creating.

We are so absorbed in what we are creating, we get lost and begin to feel as if we are simply “one” of the characters we created. The people, locations, circumstances and situations feel so real, it appears they have the control! We are so masterful, we forget it is our creation.

Add to this billions of others on this planet, who are also creating their own reality; many who want us to have a featured role in their creations. And suddenly you realize – there’s a LOT of magic happening all around us!

One of the things I have been aware of these past few months is how things change when I shift my focus. There have been situations, that in the past, seemed heavy or arduous. I was giving them a lot of weight, and as a result, a lot of my attention. Then, overnight they seemed to dissolve. They became lighter and less taxing. The circumstances or people in these situations didn’t change. How I looked at them or how much priority I gave them did. I still had to deal with or handle them. It just didn’t require as much of my time and/or energy, because I wasn’t giving them the power.

It seems we all have those kinds of situations or challenges in our lives. Sometimes it is something that we are trying to end or get rid of, others are ones we are trying to create such as a relationship, money or job. Either way, we construct a scenario that seems so real that we think there is nothing we can do to alter our current situation.

Then one day, we simply shift our thoughts about it. We no longer exert or holdback our emotions. We simply allow it to start or stop mattering. We drop our resistance or demands. We allow it to be. No voting: right or wrong, good or bad, with or without. Then this situation that seemed so heavy or arduous begins to dissolve. Or that thing we were struggling to find or thought we couldn’t have; begins to take form.

It is not something outside of us that has changed, it is how we are creating it internally that has! We are Magicians. Matter is formed by what we make matter.

With Light, Love, and Laughter