The beauty deep within each and every sentient being yearns to awaken! This is Soul, the Divine Feminine, yearning to be acknowledged and connect more consciously with you. Soul may also be referred to as essence, life force, or your eternal self.

Have you felt restless lately and don’t know why? Have you yearned for something more but don’t know what it is? Is there something you want to change in your life but it’s just out of your grasp? Have you listened to music or seen a beautiful piece of art and are so touched that your heart clenches or tears appear for no reason? These are indicators that Soul is awakening. Mine began awakening over 30 years ago while praying in church. The music touched me and tears rolled down my cheeks. I didn’t know until many years later what was going on.

Why do I believe it’s important to engage Soul more consciously? In times of uncertainty and chaos, times like now, I feel that Soul can comfort and guide us. After thousands of years of suppressing women, people of color, LGBTQ, and those who believe differently Soul helps us to become more compassionate, kind, loving, lovable, unifying, and willing to listen to others. Soul also, along with High Self, holds a greater vision for each one of us. I know that I’ve mentioned this in earlier writings.

What are ways to engage with Soul more consciously? I’m happy to share a couple of them with you. First, immerse yourself in beauty! Take a walk in nature. Notice the beauty around you. What colors, smells, or sounds do you notice? Are there flowers, animals, beautiful architectural details on buildings, statuary, gardens, etc? Really notice them. Feel how your body responds. You may be walking a path or route that you always do but consciously pay attention. See what’s around you through a different lens, the lens of love and gratitude! What do you notice that’s different? If you aren’t able to walk in nature then immerse yourself in a beautiful painting or music. Feel your Soul smile!

Another way to engage with Soul is to use your imagination during meditation or quiet time. Imagine Soul is located in your heart space. What’s your favorite way to travel? For example, do you like to ride Harleys? Imagine you’re on your Harley at the top of your head, your Crown Chakra, and close your eyes. Feel the excitement and joy of riding your Harley! You know you will be traveling to meet your Soul in the safest and happiest place you love! I realize it isn’t safe to ride a Harley with your eyes closed but this is your imagination after all! LOL

Now begin your journey downward into your heart space so you can meet your Soul. On this journey when you reach your destination your Soul will take a form and for each one of you it will look different. If this is your first conscious trip to meet Soul then when you arrive get off your Harley and walk to where Soul is waiting to meet you! Remember, this is your eternal self! Notice what Soul looks like. Extend your love and gratitude. Is there something Soul wants to share with you? Are you willing to co-create a more intimate relationship with Soul? Take a few moments and enjoy this interaction.

As your time with Soul ends, for now, extend your gratitude and love once again knowing you will remember this time and can connect anytime you want. Return to your Harley, close your eyes once more after saying goodbye and imagine traveling upward and returning to the place you began. Take a couple of cleansing breaths and feel your body. Do you notice any differences? If not, it’s ok.

The more you consciously call on Soul and High Self the deeper your relationship becomes. Eventually begin to ask, “What is the greater vision being held for me?” See what emerges! Allow your Divine Feminine to unfold and become more of who you truly are. She holds the vision and Spirit, the Divine Masculine, helps bring it into form. Each of them helping you to become the best you that you can be!

Please join me on Tuesday, June 25th, from 6:30p-8:00p at Storm Wisdom as I channel Luminus who brings guidance, shares wisdom and invites the powerful Messengers of Light to assist with healing. On Saturday, June 29th, from 10a-2p at Storm Wisdom, come and play with Gisela and me and learn more about the powerful you!!