I want to tell you what I am up to! I have had a number of clients and friends who’ve commented or ask about my absence from Storm Wisdom. I have gone from being there 5 days a week, to an hour or two each week. When I am there, I am frequently in my office., as that is where the “admin” stuff like payroll, accounting, and bill paying occurs.

It is my way of keeping a finger on the pulse.

I am not physically present.., but energetically I feed, nurture, and love Storm Wisdom… and the Storm Wisdom family as much as ever. Maybe even more.

So I am still part of it, and it is part of me!

However, more and more, my baby-business is growing up! It is becoming more and more independent. Gisela who manages the Center, along with Millie and Mary Helen who each provide their own unique signature and support have embraced their own version of owner/stewardship. They are an amazing team.

So like any parent or guardian whose offspring is ready to strike out on their own, I have turned my attention back on myself. I began asking the question, “What’s next”?

Last year I committed to being more present. Which as you know if you follow these weekly musings…, has been hugely transformative for me. It has allowed me to see how easily my mind (followed by triggered emotions) distracts and distances me from many experiences, by filtering it through projections into the future and anchors from the past.

I am nowhere near the 100% mark for staying present… but I am so much further along than I have ever been.

And interestingly enough, when I am present, I am more connected with my home and family. It is where I experience and am aware of the beauty, bounty, and belonging that fills my life. And I want more of all of them.

I am sure part of this is amplified by the loss of my mom last October. As much as I feel her energies and presence around here, it is not the same. I am happy for her and feel like not only was she ready to go.., she actually pulled off her transition exactly the way she prayed or planned to. Quickly… and loving and being loved by her children, while she still remembered who we were and who she was. Let’s face it dementia can be cruel… but our time together here in Phoenix is such a gift and something I treasure.

That brings me to what I am up to now.

A LOT of my family speaks Spanish and many of them speak only a basic amount of English. And as much as I love them, and they love me.., we can’t always communicate in ways that would allow us to go deeper. The small details of daily life. The stuff that is not worth translating as it is casual and fleeting. I want to be able to engage and enjoy the richness of everyday nothingness.

So I am going to San Miguel de Allende for three months this summer to do a Spanish Language immersion program. Language school five days a week, while living with a Mexican host family. I decided the continuous immersion would be best… so I won’t be coming back to Arizona until it is complete. (Fito will come there to see me!)

I am excited and thrilled for this experience. I imagine being able to converse with my mother-in-law, Mama Chela, and understand her stories and why we are laughing together. Which is a regular occurrence… that just doesn’t normally include me understanding why we’re laughing.., other than her eyes and laughter are infectious. This is one of many gifts I imagine this experience will bring.

And now.., not only do I know that Storm Wisdom is and will be in capable hands… The team (and the clients and friends), know this as well! It is a wonderful feeling to know you have amazing people watching and taking care of your back.

I also want to let you know that while I am in Mexico… Victoria Barna who has been part of the Storm Wisdom family since the day we opened.., and who is an award winning author, will be writing these weekly posts and musings. You will be in good hands!

It is still over a month before I leave… and our 9th Anniversary Celebration is coming up in a couple of weeks. I hope I get to see you there! Please put it on your calendar.., as I would love to connect with you before this next adventure kicks off!

With Light, Love, and Laughter