One morning this past week as I was having my coffee, this random thought crossed my mind.  “Your first reaction is to resist.”  This was followed by a couple of quick scenarios that have come up recently and my initial thought or reaction to them.  And I have to say this random thought seemed correct.

Then I started to wonder is this a good or bad thing?  Something else I had to sit with for a moment as I reviewed these past conversations and situations.  I began to realize that as with many things in life… It can be a blessing and a curse!

I think this natural resistance is what made me ideal in the corporate world, especially when it came to evaluating and selecting a direction for a project, operational design or guiding someone’s career path.  You see this resistance includes an awareness of possible challenges and areas of risk.  By understanding the challenges and risks that come with a particular path or choice, you can plan contingencies for the challenges and ways to mitigate the risks.

Yet, I could also see how if I always use it as my default response, others could see that as being negative or a pessimist.  I don’t think of myself as either of those two things, and still can see how there is an element of both to having this initial resistance to new concepts or ideas.

On the other hand, to not acknowledge the challenges that come with a situation or being able to assess the risk, you increase the potential for being caught off guard or unprepared when they do occur.  That is not a good situation.

Bottom line… I began to wonder why I was thinking about this.  Was I suppose to change something?  Was this awareness suppose to help me deal with a current situation?   What’s the purpose of this awareness?

And just as quickly as the original thought occurred, I realized this natural tendency I have to resist change without understanding the challenges and risks; is one of the traits that helps me build success.

Now I just need to remember to tap into this gift and not ignore it for the sake of dreaming or imagining.  Because this ability to see the challenges and understand the risks is what allows us to bring practical solutions to lofty ideas!

Are you paying attention to the challenges and risks that are in front of you?   You see for me, this is one of the areas where some spiritual concepts get hijacked and turned against us.  Being positive, seeing the bright side, setting down negative thoughts are all concepts designed to support and encourage us to lift our frequency from a lower vibrational energy to one that is higher. A frequency that is more aligned with how and where we want to operate and experience our life from.  This is a great idea, if we are not putting our head in the sand and ignoring the truth of the situation or circumstances that are in front of us.

It might require more effort or focus to include the uncomfortable parts of any situation, in the elevation to a new way of being or creating and manifesting your dream.  But it is worth it!

You see, if instead of pretending that there are no challenges or risks in front of you; if you include them in your plans and allow them to be part of your dream; you stand a much better chance of being prepared for anything that comes up!  Which in turn allows you to maneuver and adapt, without being thrown off course!  And that is a GOOD thing!  Trust me… I know this one well!  🙂