NearAndFarI’ve always wanted to spend time in Seattle.  Almost 10 years ago, I was there for a day, to board a cruise ship headed for Alaska.  I loved the little bit I saw of it, and wanted to see and experience more!   As luck would have it, a dear friend moved there this year to be closer to grandkids.  And, this past week I spent time with her in this charming city.

I always imagined it being a city of small neighborhoods.  Much like San Diego.  And it was.  I could see how you could become ingrained in a community with all of the unique things it has to offer.  I suppose it is like that in Phoenix too.  But, the uniqueness of each community is what is different.  Here, a new subdivision goes in and the first thing that happens is you see a new Home Depot, Costco, Walmart and Target.

Restaurants are chains, and so are many of the shops.  Don’t get me wrong, I love living in Phoenix.  It is where I want to be.  And yet, I remember living in San Diego, where for years, I parked my car on Friday after work, and didn’t have to drive again until Monday morning when it was time to head back to the office.

Ahh.., the pros and cons of life.
My friend wanted to make sure I had a fulfilling taste of Seattle.  We checked out a number of places from Pike Place to the Museum of Flight.  We even drove outside the city to a small community called LaConner.  But in truth, we were simply changing the location of our constant conversation!

These conversations that help me to realize that we are all experiencing similar things.  Our circumstances may be different and locations too.  Yet, the people we are most connected to seem to be in parallel process.

This feels like a time for getting clear.  Choosing what is most aligned with where we are going and what we are creating.  New levels of trust are emerging.  We have done the dance with the unknown and now know that everything ‘works out’.  Even if sometimes it works out in a way that we could not have imagined.

This also means we are letting go of and releasing things from our lives that may be a bit of a surprise.  Relationships, homes, jobs or whatever.  People, places and things that seemed like they would always be there. Slipping into the background and becoming part of the backdrop of our lives, versus something that we are engaging and interacting with.

And then there are those other situations where the connection and fit seem to be even stronger.  Where the history and shared journey are still active and important to our personal journey.  And that is what I am celebrating today.

I wondered what it would be like when my dear friend moved to Seattle.  Would it be as easy to stay connected?  How would we craft and create the circumstances to see one another?  After one visit, my wondering is over. Distance does not determine the strength of connection when Love is what bonds you!

We all have those long distance connections that are important in our lives.  What a great day to celebrate all of our friendship… Near and far!

With Light, Love, and Laughter