notmymonkeysHave you ever felt like you were a fish hooked and fighting for your life? It sounds dramatic, but when you are caught up in the struggle and drama of someone else’s narrative and you are fighting for your own perspective; that is how it feels!

This is not my normal way of operating or even the kind of situation I have a lot of experience with… Yet, right now, I have several of them going on all at the same time! So I know it is cosmic or an important opportunity for something new to emerge.

Right now, ALL of the situations I am thinking of have to do with money. Investments going south. Situations changing without any input from me or some of the other people involved. Someone else working hard to have things their way, at my expense. It kinda sucks!

When we first encounter these disruptions in our world, they feel isolated. Each one is approached, evaluated and addressed as if it is unique. At least that is how it is for me. I become aware that something is happening, I feel threatened, I start to resist and look at how to keep things the way they were before I got hooked. But the more I resist, the deeper the hook goes! Now I am in a fight for my life. Or at least, that is how it feels while I am trying to tug my way to freedom. Then another (similar) situation is added to the mix and it feels overwhelming.

My logical mind attempts to figure it out. I spend a lot of time analyzing and evaluating how this could be happening. I immediately start to imagine the impact (Always devastating!) or how I might stop the loss or influence the outcome! If I am being honest, I also start fantasizing about how to get even!

Then slowly as I realize it is out of my control… My emotions have taken over! Anger, indignation, surprise, fear, entitlement, disbelief. Take your pick.., I run through them all.

Then this combination of thoughts and emotions starts to feel as if the life I know is being threatened. And like a fish on the end of the line, I start flailing, darting, tugging, resisting and fighting to get free!

Until somewhere in the back of my mind, I hear the whisper of inner guidance. A quiet voice that invites me to look at these situations as an opportunity to see something new. What am I trying to control? Do I have a belief (or beliefs) that feels limiting? Is there something I am trying to show myself that these situations will help me focus on and understand? If everything happens for a reason, what are the higher reasons for these situation?

Once I slow the situation down, and I recognize that all these situations have to do with my relationship to money; it helps me realize that something is challenging my sense of safety and security. Energetically this means that the Root Energy Center of my body is constricted or I am sensing something around me that is out of balance or off! So my first step is not to fight and resist the details of these external situations. It is to get back to my own personal center and find that sure-footing or place of stability that I know so well. From there, I can look at these situations and choose where to focus my attention and more importantly, my energies!

Guess what? I decided to stop fighting and resisting. These situations will work themselves out. Maybe I will loose an investment. Maybe an opportunity that looked promising will disappear. It is possible that someone else will get what they want and need out of a situation that I had personalized as being “for me”. Maybe it was ALWAYS for their benefit and I was simply a player in their creation.

Regardless of how these situations play out, it does not prevent me from creating new opportunities. I have to remind myself that these situations do not define me. Only I do that, based on how I allow them to influence and affect me. So I choose to be creative, resourceful and whole.

It doesn’t have to be money, for others it might be relationships, health, career or something else entirely. How about you? Are you hooked by someone else’s drama or by a situation that is pointing you in a new direction? One of my beloveds reminded me of a great Polish idiom, that is helping me see these situations in a new light! “Not my circus, not my monkeys”… Or in this case maybe I should say… ‘Not my pond, not my fish’!

With Light, Love, and Laughter