Spring is in the air and I feel it! I have this sensation of everything being completely new… yet the 3D world around me hasn’t changed… YET.

Then I am reminded I am at the “beginning” of this new cycle. The planting and sprouting stage! This is a helpful reminder for me, because it engages me in the process of visualizing and creating what is new or emerging. Versus, waiting to see what it looks like or how things turn out!

One of the things that has been most challenging for me during these beginning phases is that I tend to believe I have to bring the past with me. That who I was yesterday matters, because it is part of the whole. Part of me.

The truth is… the past is behind us. It is how we got to where we are in this moment. There were hurdles and hurts, whirlwinds and wonder, mundane and madness. Our lives are full and complex, even when the journey seems to meander or even when it feels we’ve made a U turn. It is all part of our life experience.

What I tend to forget, is that I don’t need every map, tool, and skill that I have ever used to get me to this point! I can set them down, instead of carrying them with me on this next leg of the journey.

Instead, I can trust that new tools and skills will be available and revealed when they are needed. And the ‘me’ that encounters them will know how to use them. Or, at least be able to figure them out!

Isn’t that what we’ve always done?

I tend to collect stories! I want to be prepared for anything that may come up. I don’t want to make the same mistake twice! As great as these concepts are, they also can be quite heavy. Especially when I think I need to carry them with me. Always at the ready.

Even when I think I am “done” with something., there is a part of me that wants to store it on a backup drive. Then carry that with me!!

But most of us are in a continual shedding process, whether we know it or not. We learn from our lessons and move on to the next phase. How we responded to a situation is usually different from the one before; because we’re different.

Right now as I feel the energies of Spring in the air.., I know I have the ability to step into new beginnings without carrying the weight of the past. Yet, I still feel the tug or pull to bring it along.

For me it goes something like this: Once again I want to move toward something I desire or long for. I see the path.., at least the first few steps. But, I also recall attempting to follow this path before with limited or no success. I start taking steps. Moving in the direction of my dream. It seems easy enough. But then I remember a time before, when I faltered or gave up.

My mind starts to play games. My negative ego starts telling stories. Suddenly the path ahead feels dark, dense and full of pitfalls. None of this is true, but as long as I am carrying the past on my shoulders, it sure feels that way!

Then I am reminded that spring is in the air… and it is time to tend to the seeds and sprouts in this garden…, not the harvesting of the fruits and flowers! That will come later… In its own time. For now I can take the harvesting basket (past and future) off my shoulders. Now is the time for nurturing! Now is the time to be present.

With Light, Love, and Laughter