Life is in transition. Something new is emerging and I feel the rightness of it. All of this is happening while I am intentionally focusing on staying present and not initiating anything new. This means not taking on new, long term ventures or projects.

I’ve given myself 6 months to just focus on the moment. As new ideas pop-up or new directions reveal themselves, I simply write it on a piece of paper and stick it on my office wall to be reviewed next year.

And yet.., everything is changing. Life has its own momentum, that in the past, I’m sure my ego thought I was crafting. It was MY agenda unfolding.

Of course, when my mind takes over and begins to drive towards an end result, any hiccups, barriers or blocks, feel personal. As if they are happening to or against me. Then my emotions get into the game as well. It all becomes so personal.

So now, as I am simply observing and staying present.., none of that is happening. My mind isn’t racing into the future (to much!) to figure it out or come up with a plan. And my emotions are in ‘observer’ mode too. There is nothing to get upset about or disappointed by when I am not attached to an outcome.

That is a pretty profound awareness for someone who tends to want to be in charge and control of his own destiny!

Everything seems a bit detached in one way. But in another, because of this focus on staying present, I feel like I am even more apart of it. I am experiencing it as it is happening. It is the plan or agenda that is missing and the emotional ups and downs of it unfolding according to that plan, that are absent.

In fact, there is a part of me that keeps policing the landscape to determine if it really could be this quiet. This easy.

The other thing that is amplified during this time of transition, is the level of synchronicity that is at play. I am watching things unfold in magical ways.  I am observing the coincidences, timing, and alignment of events that keep occurring as various situations unfold. It is astounding.

Here’s an example. A couple of weeks ago, while Fito and I were driving to Juarez for the weekend, he got a text from an acquaintance saying he had a buyer for our piano. Fito asked me if I was looking to sell it. What a strange call. I said “no…, it never really crossed my mind.” We both we a little surprised by the text…, but it opened a door. We began to wonder about whether we should and if so what would be a fair price. I told Fito I needed to think about it.

For the last 6 months or so, we have been planning some remodeling in our home. A couple of projects that might take another year or so to pull off. At one point I began to imagine or visualize what our home might look like once these projects were completed. Since we have been figuring out the logistics of this remodel for a few months, it was not the first time I have been in this fantasy loop.

This time as I was imaging or envisioning what the finished space would look like, I realized that every time I did this, the piano was no longer in the space. It wasn’t in my vision of the future.  This was simply a detail I had missed before. In that moment, I knew it was time to let the piano go. Everything fell into place, and after 26 years, on Friday it was picked up and headed to its new home.

And it all feels right.

This staying present and connected to the moment is turning out to be a pretty magical experience. I’m giving myself 6 months. But who knows, maybe it will simply become the new normal!

With Light, Love, and Laughter