I’ve spent this weekend with fellow adventurers and Annie Bossingham in the Advanced Artistry of Channeling class and WOW!! Although I’ve been a channel for many years “trance channeling” has opened possibilities to explore that I’ve never imagined. Whether you want to channel for others or not, for me, it has been the best personal growth experience I’ve ever had. How is that possible?

When I began Annie’s Artistry of Channeling program almost 5 years ago I had no expectation of what the experience would be or what I would get out of it. Opening to possibilities and as Annie says, “Be willing to play the fool”, was key! As I look back I can see how much I wanted to control things. Truly, I know that the only thing I can control are my choices. In order to continue my personal growth I’ve had to release a lot of old and constrictive beliefs as well as an image of myself that I held closely for many years.

Working in a corporate environment for many years solidified what I believed my image should be. Why? Certain attitudes and behaviors were considered acceptable and others weren’t. I flourished in that environment for many years and received lots of positive recognition as a result. I didn’t realize how much of my truer self was hidden until I began to spiritually awaken before I retired from corporate America. Then the “real” journey began! It’s been incredible and I’ve found I’ve opened more and more to what’s possible and continue to move into more expansive beliefs and experiences.

For me, claiming and owning myself as a trance channel and healer has opened doors within me that have created deeper levels of intimacy with my High Self, unseen friends, Soul, and ME! I’ve become more curious and less fearful of what I might discover about myself! I like who I’m becoming more and more!

There’s an excitement and yes an impatience to become more and more of my truer self which is Source and love! I’m not afraid “to be seen” and thought of as different! I now claim that I’m so much more than who I ever thought I was. It’s taken a willingness to explore; be curious; open to what’s possible; make conscious choices; be open to receive in ways I’ve never allowed; let go of beliefs of being separate from Source and the unified field; be vulnerable; and engage in intimate relationships with High Self, Soul, and my unseen friends. As a result I’ve changed. My writing has changed. My willingness to “be seen” has changed. My relationships are more intimate because I’m ok with being vulnerable and sharing more of me! Does that make sense?

I’m not suggesting that Trance Channeling is right for everyone. I’ve found that it’s a chosen destiny for me and when I discovered it my Soul sighed and said, “Yes!” Now I’m comfortable channeling information and healing for clients as well as group channeling and healing experiences. Each one of us is unique and individual. There are many ways to explore and become more of our truest self if we choose. It is a conscious choice to make! My dream for you is to find a way to awaken your curiosity and explore what’s possible! Dream big!! Be bold!!

If you would like to contact me please go to VictoriaBarna.com. I am also at Storm Wisdom on Tuesdays from 1p – 6p and I’m available by appointment by phone. I will be offering a group channeling and healing evening with Luminus on Tuesday, February 26, 2019 from 6:30p-8:00p. Reserve your space now!