I am someone who likes facts and definition. For folks like me, we are constantly absorbing information from multiple sources and incorporating it into our database of logic! Of course we all have different experiences and are exposed to different sources of information, so we build and create our own filters. So even siblings who are seemingly exposed to similar situations, people and environments, will still see things through different lenses. They may be exposed to much of the same information, yet they can easily see the same situation in very different ways.

Some of the information we get exposed to feels concrete and unchallengeable. As an example; On a very simple level, there are four apples, and two kids. Each one takes an apple simultaneously. They each have one, and there are two left. This is factual. However, did they both have the same experience? Are they both content? Logic would tell us that they had the same or at least very similar experiences.

But what do we know about their emotional state, previous experiences, last time they ate and how much they consumed, how much they like apples… The list goes on. And these are just some of the possible influencing factors that could make their experience (or the filters they use!) different from one another.

Now what happens when you add resonance and intuition to the mix?

You see, I believe many of us are being influenced by our intuition and the resonance of people, places and things, much more than we ever have before. It is a natural part of our human evolution AND we are living in an era where having, trusting and using this energetic guidance is no longer frowned upon. At least not as much as it was. And I think it is important to acknowledge that in our past, many people who were able to sense and know information intuitively were persecuted, outcast or considered abnormal. So part of our DNA includes the fear of being harmed or rejected if we shared these natural gifts.

So here we are living in a time when we are sensing and feeling information energetically, that we never did before! Not just some of us… All of us. We can try to ignore it or pretend it isn’t happening. Yet, there is a part of us that recognizes and knows that something is different. The people, places and things we are drawn to are changing. Something that in the past would have been a given, is now up in the air. We see, hear, touch, smell and taste just like we always did. However, now there are other unfamiliar senses that are also adding to our personal awareness.

For those who don’t trust this new information and who continue to try and navigate the situations in their lives by simply relying on their physical senses, are finding that it takes much more effort and force to get similar results. Demanding, driving, manipulating and trying to control outcomes is hard work. Using greed, fear, anger, and punishment to get what you want is loosing its effect. These distorted energies are being exposed for what they are… Ineffective. Our collective consciousness is evolving and is longing for a more harmonious way of living. With each other and with/for the planet.

The days of take, take, take are coming to an end. Open, allow, receive and Be are finding their way into our hearts. From mind-centric to heart-centered.

I, for one, am ready to make the shift to a new way of being. What once was, is no longer appealing. I honor it as part of the journey… Yet at the same time, know in my heart that this is the time to live a more Magical life! To incorporate all aspects of myself, both logical and mystical… and to live in harmony with all that the Universe has to offer. No earning, proving and deserving. Time to be one with All-That-Is!