OwnTheSpiralBabyDo you ever wonder if all the random thoughts, beliefs, ideas and concepts in your head are magic or maddening? You know why I am asking.., right?

As someone who is constantly turning over and processing the ‘meaning of life’, I sometimes hit this wall and ask myself – Why?

How is that we can keep learning, growing and evolving and still encounter the same things or situations over and over again? For the longest time I thought that every time I had a reoccurring theme that I was dealing with, that it was as if I never really learned anything from the previous encounter at all!

As a matter of fact, it always felt a bit like ‘starting over’. It was as if I was wandering down the path of life and suddenly encountered a challenging situation. Once I got to the other side of this unexpected challenge, I was sure I’d never fall into that trap again! I knew what preceded it. I had navigated it, regardless of how awkward I was… I had learned my lesson.

Then I would ‘start over’.., this time paying attention for any potential risks. Doing everything I could to avoid the same situation. Only to discover I was in the middle of it again! How the hell did that happen.., and how would I make sure it never happens again!?! So… Once again ‘starting over’!

Fast forward…

Life is different. As a student of life, I have a different perspective. I have developed tools and skills that in the beginning I couldn’t even conceive. Yet as much as I feel like I am growing, I find that many of these life lessons keep repeating themselves. Sure most of the time, I am more aware and use different methods to navigate them.. But the question still remains. Why am I still encountering these same situations over and over again?

The answer for me is that we live our lives in a spiral. When we are less experienced, we think of life as a meandering path. Headed in one direction, with occasional ups and downs. But our destination is off in front of us, beyond the horizon.

In truth, we are moving in an upward spiral. Those occasions that have us view life as ‘starting over’ or ‘starting from square one’ are an illusion. The truth is we are on a new level of the spiral, with the ability to look at these situations from a new vantage point. Sometimes they still feel close, but in truth, we are experiencing them with a new perspective.

Of course we have the gifts of free will and choice. So, we can to choose to experience them in a very similar fashion to the way we did during the previous cycle. Yet, even if it feels like it is exactly the same.., it isn’t. Because we are different. We continue to move upward on the spiral of life.

Many of the situations we encounter over and over again are the catalysts for our greatest change. Our greatest evolution. It is the thoughts we choose that determine how we experience them from these new levels. Our thoughts trigger our emotions and our emotions make our ‘state of being’ real.

Add to all of this the rapid shifts and transformation of everything around us, and sometimes this can all feel overwhelming and intense. Most people who read this blog get/feel the energies that are shifting all around us. We feel the call to a new way of being. But even those who don’t relate to the chaos as energies… They are aware that the amount of information that is available to them is expanding exponentially – daily. Information is energy! They say we have learned more in the last 75 years than we have since we stated climbing our way to the top of the food chain!

And that increase in information.., therefore energy isn’t slowing down. And we are still climbing that spiral.

It is time to realize we are participating in an amazing time of evolution and consciousness expansion. We are being fed new energetic information daily. Energetic information that affects us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. And as much as sometimes we want to simply start from the beginning; we are already advanced in our journeys. Instead of trying to shield ourselves from the onslaught of all this new energy… We need to find ways to integrate, adjust and adapt.

One way to do this is to stop resisting the repeating themes in our lives. To accept them and allow them to simply be. Begin to own how far we’ve come or actually… How many levels we’ve climbed! Own the Spiral Baby!

With Light, Love, and Laughter

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