Pamela Becker

Pamela Becker’s art depicts timeless moments of practical contact with one’s own true nature, while encouraging an encompassing perspective of humanity as one shared environment. It symbolizes how our dream-world reflects back to us information worth paying attention to. Information that has the potential to seed a new vision for a positive future.

The process and symbolism of Pamela’s paintings has more than once produced precognitive understanding that has proven insightful. “Painting becomes a meditation, a conversation with the unknown, and I have learned to trust it,” the artist confirms.

“An often explored subject, ‘the myth of distance’ illustrates inter-connectedness that implies space is a myth. Color and light make me so excited I have to put paint down to reflect their beauty. Often my paintings begin with wooden boards covered with copper, patinas and other metallic pigments which add depth and begin a story, as I dive into unexpected patterns forming in the patina implying a direction,” Becker shares. Imagery emerges from the patina suggesting faces, objects, feelings or story. The artist enters into a conversation with the piece that may take days or years to complete.

“I have travelled to many parts of this amazing planet and have immersed myself in cultures I never knew existed. I am not gifted with learning spoken languages, but have found that by sketching people in my travels, I make connections with them. I strive to remind us of our best: essential beauty and wholeness. I believe its embodiment raises the level of thought and health while igniting the heart- thus making a positive difference in the “bigger vision”.

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