Have you thought about what your new year is going to be like? Your focus or where you will put your attention and intentions?

I have. I have been thinking about the energy of 2018.

My mind wants to circle the wagons and put together a strategy for the next year. It wants to come up with a plan. Complete with milestones, deliverables, measurements and end-goals. That is the nature of being someone who is left-brain oriented.

That may not seem very compelling to you, but for those of us who relate to order and structure; it can be comforting and motivational.

However for me, it can also be a trap. It engages old stories, limits my focus, and promises the illusion of some type of control. If I make it measurable, I have already decided what success looks like in the new year.

When I operate from this space I am automatically engaged in the future. My orientation is toward what needs to happen next. Not.., what is actually happening now.

I am not saying any of this is a bad thing. In fact, it has been hugely important to have and to develop those skills and traits. But just like anything that is over valued., it can be easily distorted. It can be taken from focus to obsession.

This past year, I have done my best to focus on living in the moment. To walk the talk of living with intention. And my… it is amazing what has been revealed.

So instead of thinking about what I want to accomplish in 2018.., or what I want to DO: I am thinking about who I want to BE.

This brings me to the energies of this new year. From where I am today, what does 2018 feel like? What energy is drawing me into this latest rotation around the Sun?

For me I am connecting with the ‘Nurturing’ energies of 2018. This includes support and encouragement, feeding and protecting. Those things that foster wellness and support our BEING. Including self-care, being surrounded by those who nurture us, and allowing our connection to All-That-Is to be a source of nourishment.

When I connect with the energies of 2018, I recognize that there are an endless number of them that are possible. There are no right or wrong one(s) to tap into. No good or bad. No positive or negative. Instead it is about feeling the pulse of those energies that are most aligned with where we are in this moment and choosing to make a more solid connection to them.

Those that can call us forward, while providing present moment awareness. Those energies that are aligned with our essence. That allow us to see, experience and be our truest Self.

One of the things I have been very aware of for the last half of 2017, is how much I have resisted being who I know myself to be. Not in all ways.., but in enough ways that I feel a constant internal tug. A tug that I have told myself is necessary. Something that is elusive and that needs to be pursued.

The truth is it is available to us in every moment. We just have to choose it.

The part that is most challenging for me.., for most of us I imagine, is being present enough to choose it over and over again. Until there is nothing to choose.., because we naturally embody our highest state of BEING.

So that is what I am moving into as we step into 2018… and Nurturing feels like a good fit for me. How about you? What are the energies you are aligning with as you move into 2018? The great news is that there are plenty of energies to choose from!

With Light, Love, and Laughter