Citrine (Mp)


Support Crystals selected for you based on your Crystal Cipher™ online assessment results. Includes FREE SHIPPING in the USA.


This collection of ‘Support Crystals’ has been selected based on the results of your Crystal Cipher™ online assessment.  In addition to your primary crystal, this collection includes the 3 crystals whose natural properties correspond with your assessment results. (Citrine, Angelite, Chrysoprase, & Pyrite)

Carry or wear one or more of them with you throughout the day or place them in an area where you spend a good portion of your day (i.e. car, office, kitchen, family room, etc…)

Use the descriptions below to determine which one(s) feels most appropriate for your day.

Companion Crystal:  A companion crystal is the perfect ally to assist with balancing your natural strengths or inclinations and identifying those areas where you are ready to put more focus.
Vulnerability Crystal:  A vulnerability crystal is for those behaviors or limiting beliefs that you know you need to set down, when it’s time to focus on an area of weakness, or shift your default perspective. Working with this crystal may assist you with doing something different so that you get different results!
Strength Crystal: Sometimes it is important to lean into your natural strengths and abilities to get the job done. Think of a strength crystal as one that reinforces or amplifies those qualities or traits that you come by naturally. 

The crystals in this photo are representative of the quality included in your hand-selected kit.  Differences in the size, shape or color of the crystals should be expected. 


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