Hand & Body Lotion – Opening To Love


The same great combination of essential oils are combined with an all-natural moisturizing lotion, to give you softer skin while acting as a reminder of the properties of our popular 'Crystal Clear Energetic Mysts'!

This lotion uses the essential oils from Geranium and Grapefruit  to create a warm and inviting fragrance while it rejuvenates and soothes your skin.  This particular blend was created to work with the 'Heart' energy center and the 'Emotional' energy body. This makes it ideal as a reminder that we are always Loved and that Unconditional Love is our birthright and gift from the Universe!



  • Large Size 8oz
  • Travel Size 2oz
  • * Note: This product has not been reviewed or approved by the FDA and is not intended as a diagnosis, prevention, treatment or cure for any medical condition

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Large, Travel Size


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