Sacred Sage

Selenite and Clear Quartz crystals are combined with the essential oils from Sage and Grapefruit to create a smudge and clearing myst that works to harmonize and balance both the energies in a home, business, office or space.

This Myst is perfect for a home, office, space business or room that you would like to smudge but burning a sage bundle is not an option or as an in-between refresher

This unique combination of Sage and Grapefruit Essential Oils combined with dissolved Selenite and Clear Quartz Crystals is ideal for assisting with removal, release and elimination of stagnant energies, that are no longer wanted or aligned with your current intentions. The Sage may eliminate any energetic pollutants left behind by encounters or events with others. The Grapefruit may assist with neutralizing the effects of man-made chemicals. The Selenite helps to dissipate the old energies and realign the fresh, while the Clear Quartz helps to amplify your intentions for what is wanted in/for the space.

This myst may be use as a fabric freshener on your sheets and pillowcases whenever you change your bed linens. Just a couple of sprays over the top of your freshly made bed!

These mysts are also great for cleansing and clearing crystals.

* 4 oz bottle

Note: This product has not been reviewed or approved by the FDA and is not intended as a diagnosis, prevention, treatment or cure for any medical condition. For external use only, do not ingest.