PullMeOfftheLedgeOne thing I should realize by now is that I should never make a claim I am not willing to stand behind!  Actually, it might be more accurate to say; never claim I have learned my lesson, unless I want to be tested on that lesson!

I think this is just one of the many gifts from our interconnected Universe… It is just hard to see it that way when I am in the middle of it!  Do you have the same experience?

It goes something like this:  you are blissfully moving through life without a care in the world.  When suddenly, you are thrown into a chaotic or drama-filled situation.  Even though it is new, there is something familiar about this new situation you find yourself in. You realize it has happened before.  Maybe you always choose the mate who is emotionally unavailable.  Perhaps you over commit because you don’t want to disappoint your boss.  Or, someone borrows money from you; they had a really good reason for it, and had a plan for paying you back.  But you have seen your ‘friend’ or any money since.

You realize that you’ve been burned by the same situation multiple times.  So much so that you realize it is something that you have to change.  You may have been burnt before…, but darn it that is the last time!  You claim with all the authority you can muster – “No more! Never Again!”

And as soon as you do, someone who is just your type (and just a little unavailable!) walks in and starts a conversation.  Your boss asks you if there is anyway you can work the weekend, because there is a new deadline and you’re the only one she trusts! Or you are looking at the balance in your savings account to see if there is anyway you can help you poor friend out, just till next week!

These are the opportunities we are given to own and choose what we know is right for us.  We have been down this road before. We know where it ends up.  We know how we feel at the end of this little adventure.  The Universe, in all its glory, is giving us an opportunity to make a different choice.  To choose a road we have not been down before.  A chance to know that we have really and truly learned that lesson!

Last week I wrote about how I was celebrating my ability to be more patient.., to go with the flow.  To be with right timing and set down control!  I learned my lesson!

Well.., kind of!

Oh My Gawd!  Did I get hooked this week, by the very situation I thought I was handling so well.  For 24 hours I put myself through hell!  I was experiencing fear, worry, anger, disappointment, frustration, entitlement…  Trust me the emotional roller coaster goes on!

And after torturing myself and projecting my “stuff” at others.., I remembered last weeks newsletter.  I remembered that everything happens for a reason.  I knew as I sat and reflected on what was going on, that in the end, even if things don’t turn out the way I hope that they do…, that in reality, they will work out perfectly for me.  They always do.

The Universe wants us to see and experience who we are as we evolve.  It wants us to know and experience the possibilities. And it doesn’t just use the positive and uplifting emotions to help us see our way.  Or maybe more truthfully to help us see ourselves.

So I AM experiencing more patience.  I do have moments where I am comfortable being out of control.  I am getting better at being in the flow.  Yet in the meantime, I also know I have a ways to go before I have fully embraced these concepts… I will still have plenty of opportunity to experience my own struggles with this new way of being.  And of course that means sometimes you might have to pull me off the ledge!

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