“The simple truth is, we all make mistakes, and we all need forgiveness.” Desmond Tutu, South African Anglican Bishop, theologian, and civil rights activist

I find it interesting when one or more thoughts evolve into something very different. Has this happened to you? As I reflected on this week’s newsletter and blog I began to think of ‘courage’ and ‘self-forgiveness’. As I reflected more and began to research quotes to use I began to think of ‘Grace’. Hmmm. One thing led to another and I was reminded of a recent client and her courage to keep going on her journey of awakening and personal growth. I’ve been blessed to journey with her during her deep dives into her light and shadows and then celebrate her joys, miracles and blessings with her.

Accepting that we are human and divine – not separate – but both is quite a journey. Accepting that making mistakes is part of being human. It’s part of learning and growing. Making mistakes also gives us many opportunities to practice forgiveness and self-forgiveness. I asked my husband “How long does it take to forgive oneself?” And I answered myself with “As long as I choose to hold on to it!” Wow! It’s always a choice we make to let go or hold onto something isn’t it? He reminded me that it feels fantastic letting go of old stuff. It feels like a burden has been lifted; however, it’s not easy for the burden to lift until we practice forgiveness.

Author, motivational speaker, and professor, Leo Buscaglia, has said “Love yourself – forgive yourself – and be good to yourself, because without you the rest of us are without a source of many wonderful things.” You, yourself, are amazing and unique. Imagine how you touch so many lives everyday like a ripple effect in a pond that is ever expanding. So, what does courage and forgiveness have to do with grace? What is grace? I’m sure you’ve heard people say “By the grace of God or filled with grace.” Some people consider grace to be extending goodwill, kindness, compassion, or unconditional love. In Christianity there’s a belief that kindness is freely given to humans by God not for accomplishing anything but for things that happen ‘just because’. In other words, God grants a favor for something that hasn’t been earned. Others believe that through grace God works changes within our hearts. There may be other interpretations within different religious traditions as well.


As I reflect on what grace is I imagine that when offered it transcends someone having courage or needing to be forgiven. When grace is offered with goodwill, kindness, compassion, and unconditional love then is forgiveness implied? Perhaps. Does self-forgiveness apply? I’m not sure since it’s a choice to hold onto a mistake or let it go. What do you think? Author, medical intuitive, and mystic, Caroline Myss, has said “To love yourself, truly love yourself, is to finally discover the essence of personal courage, self-respect, integrity, and self-esteem. These are the qualities of grace that come directly from a soul with stamina.” I agree that self-forgiveness and self-love are required to explore these qualities of grace which Caroline Myss suggests come directly from the soul.

As I shared earlier one thought led to another for the theme of the newsletter and blog this week. What are the qualities of grace that you think about or relate to? I hope you have an amazing week filled with love and that the seeds of change are planted within your hearts! I’m sending you lots of love!

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