How has your week been? Once again there seems to be so much going on in the world and in our personal lives. In the midst of chaos we have to choices to make, don’t we? Change precedes and follows chaos as we’ve talked about before. So, what ways can you rise above the fray so to speak? How can you keep positive and moving forward rather than become paralyzed – not knowing which way to turn in spite of the chaos?

Staying centered is key. Creating a more conscious prayer or meditation practice helps as well as focusing on deep breathing to calm when you are anxious. Visualization and intention setting techniques also work. I have found that these practices are all helpful and beneficial. Some of you have also shared how much you benefit from them as well.

As I’ve enjoyed my own practice this week the theme of “kindness” has come up. So I’ve been sitting with it. Co-incidentally I belong to a meditation/discussion group who joins in a remote meditation monthly. This month, one of the members suggested that during our meditation we would be sending a heart generated request to the heart of the world to feel a strong impulse towards random acts of kindness for 7 days! I love the idea and how synchronicity works. I’m so grateful to be aware when this happens. I realize how interconnected we all are through consciousness.

Did you know that February 17th is National kindness day? I didn’t. I have heard how people do random acts of kindness. I’ve even done some myself and I’m sure many of you have too. How can being kind make a difference and be helpful during these chaotic times? I find that when I am helping someone else it’s easier to move beyond my own stuff in the moment. Helping someone “just because” and not out of “duty or obligation” is key. Also, not expecting anything in return is important. This is being kind from your heart. It feels good! I find that during these moments there is a centering and re-focusing that takes place and I feel calmer. The surrounding chaos diminishes. Does this make sense?

Lao Tzu has said, “Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” How beautifully expressed. Recently I received a beautiful unexpected gift of kindness from a friend. They listened to my story, how I was feeling, and then gave me a heart felt hug. There was no judgment just total acceptance. They gave me the gift of themselves! I was grateful, felt understood, and so much better. How about you? Have you experienced unexpected kindness from someone? How did you feel?

Other acts of kindness that have been shared include: serving at a homeless shelter; picking up litter; letting someone go ahead of you in line; giving someone a compliment; paying it forward; baking cookies or taking a meal to someone in need or to the elderly; listening to someone without judgment or wanting to “fix it” for them. There are many other ways to be kind and the only limitation is your imagination! Living a more heart centered life helps. Remembering that at the core we are all from the same Source which is LOVE!

Whether you are kind to someone you know or kind to a stranger doesn’t really matter, does it? Giving from your heart without expecting anything in return makes a difference and helps you experience your day differently. If you choose to focus on being more kind please notice how you feel. Is there more confidence when you speak? Do your thoughts seem more clear and profound? Do you feel more loved through your giving?

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