“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”
 Albert Einstein, Theoretical physicist

Have you ever thought, “I’m living in a different reality than others?” More and more I find myself saying, “That’s not my reality!” As Albert Einstein reminds us, “Reality is merely and illusion. . .” Beliefs, thoughts and actions create the illusion. I realize that my reality is mine and most likely is different than yours. I’ve been wondering how peace can prevail when we live in so many different realities. I’m not saying my reality is the best nor do I have expectations that I can convince someone to accept mine. Each one of us is responsible for creating how we want to live and yet how do we come together in unity?

Plato, an Athenian philosopher, has said, “Reality is created by mind, we can change our reality by changing our mind.” This makes sense to me. Thoughts, beliefs, and actions can be fluid and can be changed if we want to change. Imagination can play a role too. How do you imagine your reality changing? What in your life are you willing to change to make it different? Changing can be challenging because taking a leap into the unknown from a place of what’s known may feel scary. Being open to step out of our comfort zone is an important first step. Imagine, visualize, and dream! It may not be crystal clear at first but trust that clarity will come. Ask for help. Talk to trusted friends or family members. 

Reality may be an illusion but in our daily lives it can feel pretty ‘locked in’  and impossible to change. I’ve found that when I meet someone whose thoughts, beliefs, or actions are not compatible with mine I can choose not to engage. How we react and respond to our differences will be our  experience. If there’s an opportunity to provide input then we can offer our  ideas but if there’s resistance then we can disengage. We also have the ability to not put ourselves into and remove ourselves from difficult, divisive and volatile situations. We can pray and meditate for a more unified and peaceful humanity. We don’t have to lose hope for hope is infinite! Disappointment may be felt at times but we don’t have to give up! 

Jimi Hendrix, American musician, singer, and songwriter said, “Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.” If possible, we can seek to understand someone else’s point of view and their reality. We don’t have to agree but we can listen and learn. Remember, our lives are ours to create! It’s so important right now to remember how powerful you are. It’s your choice what reality you want to create. Change begins within first. What are you willing to change?

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