I’ve been apart of two completely different conversations about the same thing this week and it has me wondering WTH? And these conversations have been about inanimate objects. Specifically the two large mirrors that hang in our group space.

In one of the conversations, someone who was leading a workshop in the space felt that as they were talking or working one-on-one with participants, there was a negative energy they could sense flowing out of the mirror. It made them uncomfortable.

In the next, it was someone who was reviewing the space as a potential place to host her workshops and events. One of the areas she teaches about is Feng Shui. She loved the room and specifically called out the mirrors for being the reason. She was awed by the way they reflected the Light and positive energy around the room.

Of course it is easier to hear that someone likes and enjoys your space, than it is to hear that it makes someone uncomfortable. But what intrigues me more.., is why after 8 years are these mirrors being brought into my awareness. Actual conversations about them. When in truth, I haven’t really thought about them much more than cleaning them and their utilitarian function.

If you believe that everything that happens around you is a reflection of your own reality creation… than synchronous, unsolicited, conversations about the same object must mean something. There must be at least a whisper.

Maybe theses conversations are about me taking a good look in the mirror.

Perhaps it is about the ebb and flow of energies that we experience on a constant basis.

Another might just be a reminder – that what we see, feel, hear or experience can be completely different than those around us. I remember having a conversation with my friend Keith. As a way to make his point he said “If you and four of your friends started at one end of a mall, and walked to the other, side-by-side; then you were each asked to describe what you saw, or what stood out for you.., or what you experienced…, Each person’s answer would likely be completely different”.

We all have different perspectives. We have beliefs and biases. Preferences and dislikes. We have every experience, that has lead us to this moment, recorded as part of the conscious and subconscious mind. As close as the bond we have with another might be.., we still are all unique. We experience life in our own way.

What I recognize as a result of writing about this situation, is how quickly I can go to duality and separation. To judge a conversation as good or bad. Who is right, whose wrong. And do I choose to believe the positive or negative?

Trust me.., I was turning over in my head, whether or not I should change, remove, or cover-up those mirrors. Whether they had some energetic impact that others could feel, but that I was somehow blocked to.

But just like the teacher who thought they were beacons of Light and positivity… energetically I don’t see or feel them this way either.

They are simply mirrors doing their job… reflecting. (Like me!)

With Light, Love, and Laughter


  1. I am a mirror. My function is to reflect. What you see reflected says more about you than what actually is being reflected. I’ve done my job. Have you finished yours?
    Thank you Charles for your willingness to always share your reflections, beautifully

    • Thanks Joseph!

  2. A very interesting observation about the mirrors! Yesterday, while enjoying all the talented artists at the summer pop up show, I noticed the mirrors for the first time. I have been in the meeting room numerous times over the past eight years for some wonderful programs and I must say that I never really noticed the mirrors until yesterday before I read this post. I asked Victoria if the mirros were a new addition to the room. Strange that I finally saw them and thought they were perfectly located in the room. Storm Wisdom is a very special place and which gives us all a place to reflect on more than mirrors. Thanks Charles for creating a stimulating and important venue. The artist’s show yesterday was a gift for us all.

    • Thanks for adding to the mystery of this small series of coincidences Sandy! And thanks for being a champion and cheerleader for Storm Wisdom and me! Glad you were there yesterday with your beautiful jewelry and big smile.

  3. What a great piece! And I love Keith’s question about walking through the mall! We do all have our own frames of reference, personal experiences, and values from which we filter the world around us.
    Looking deeply is something I have always enjoyed doing. The piece you did today, Charles, brought this to my mind: What if your piece showed up for me today to get me to look more deeply at mirrors and reflections? What if I am being invited to question the whole idea of reflections? Who said that everything is a reflection for us? Don’t get me wrong…I’m not challenging anyone personally. I am just thinking outside the box for a moment. If what I attract in my life is a result of the vibrational frequencies I radiate, then how does reflection fit in? Isn’t a reflection bounced off another surface? If I accept that then wouldn’t I really be somewhat like a pinball machine…putting out frequencies to be bounced back to me again and again? And if that is the case, isn’t that a trap – a system wherein I am unable to grow and evolve outside of that machine?
    Maybe…the message for me in this piece today is…where in my life am I repeating frequencies that continue to bring me similar people, places, things, and situations that don’t take me to the next highest place? Perhaps it’s time for me to declare a new rule – one that contains no barriers – no limits – no adopted beliefs that might trap me inside a hamster’s wheel, but allow me to expand, explore, and possibly even stumble and struggle a bit, empowering me to go above and beyond my former limited thinking.
    I thank you for your uniqueness and willingness to share, Charles. We never know who or what may speak to us at any given time.
    <3's and Hugs!

    • All great inquiries Holly… This is one of the things that I think is up for a lot of us. How do my thoughts, beliefs and even attitude fit with where I am right now AND where I want to be? Thanks for the expanding insights!

  4. Both negative and positive ions are necessary to fully charge a cell. Your life goes where your eyes go! Every positive solution will create another opportunity found in the negative.

    • 🙂 Thanks Ray!

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed your reflections on reflections, Charles! I find the meeting room to be sacred ground on which I have had many profound and intimate experiences, I am so grateful to you for creating and maintaining the space!

    • Thanks Vikki… I realized when I read your post that I forgot to check in on the very basic question… “How do I feel when I am in this space”… and you know what… I love this room mirrors, beauty, warts and all! Thanks for bringing me back to simplicity.


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